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    Manager of the Season

    Nominations: Pep, Klopp, Howe, Vieira and Frank. The only other surprise is that they didn’t shoehorn Bielsa in there. How about Moyes? Potter? Even Bruno was on a bit of a hiding to nothing. Blows my mind.
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    Bust up

    According to Ryan Leister on Twitter. Training ground bust up during the week between Bruno, Raul & Jonny.
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    Victor Moses

    Breaking news coming out of Sky Sports that the Premier League has rejected Burnley’s request to sign Russian-based Moses citing sporting integrity. My opinion is really clear here: any player in Russia or Ukraine who have been caught up in this conflict should be allowed to work in an...
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    Arsenal Verdict.

    Shoot. I want to talk about football first and where it’s heading. This term, game management, slowly started to creep into the game and basically started masquerading as cheating. Arsenal were masters of the dark arts, stopping the game at such regular intervals, buying moments and managing...
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    Bruno, Bruno, Bruno..

    Dreaming is for free.
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    The F****** Verdict: Scousers

    Go nuts.
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    What are they worth today?

    Sparked by the Kenny Hibbitt thread. What would they be worth today? I’ll kick us off with 1 player, the next person gives a value, adds another on etc etc - first up… Sir Stephen George Bull. What’s he worth in today’s money?
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    Spurs Verdict.

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    January Transfer Window ‘22

    Here we go..
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    Jordan Banks

    Some of you may have seen this story on some of the Wolves FB pages. Absolutely heartbreaking. A young boy, Jordan Banks, was having a one-to-one coaching session in Blackpool when he was struck by lightning last night. He passed away. He was 9 years old. It would be great for the Wolves...
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    Rafa Mir

    What would you do with Rafa? Edit: for all the smart ones out there (I see you ;) ), this is purely hypothetical.
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    Enrique on Adama

    Jose Enrique has been quoted in an interview to suggest that Adama is carrying too much weight to play for a top side. The outcome? He can’t do enough work for the team to get up and down the pitch. Interesting debate this one.. I’ve felt for a while that Adama is one of the most dangerous...
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    Are these players...

    ...underperforming? Or are we about right based on the quality in the squad? How many fit players do we have right now that would walk into a top 8 PL team. Neves, Jonny, Neto? Are we really underperforming, or have we exceeded expectations for a couple of seasons with a pretty risk averse...
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    Nelson Semedo

    Out of all the players that we signed last summer, this guy came with the most pressure IMO. Some context: New country Huge fee Expectation from Barca New club New teammates System changes weekly (3, 4, 5 at the back) Creating a relationship with Adama (good luck!) And he's still churning out...
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