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    Applause at 6 minutes for Arthur

    Wolves have asked fans to hold a minutes applause in memory of the young lad who was killed by his parents. Birmingham and Villa doing same. I hope/sure we’ll do him justice.
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    Nuno’s gone

    Just had tweet, last game on Sunday https://www.wolves.co.uk/news/club/20210521-nuno-set-to-leave-wolves/#
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    New Handball Rule

    Apparently IFAB have agreed a new handball rule whereby it will not be considered handball if the ball hits the equivalent of a T-shirt silhouette ie the upper arm. This can be applied from when the season restarts - how is that fair? Leagues free to decide whether to use new handball rule...
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    Behind Closed Doors - Who benefits

    Was thinking, if we do go to playing behind closed doors who benefits the most? I can see home advantage going with no crowd to be the 12th man. Possibly a benefit for Thursday. But I was wondering does it benefit the football plying teams rather than the high press teams who are running on...
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    Thank You

    I just wanted to thank people for their kind thoughts following my post on Saturday’s Verdict Thread. It’s not been a great weekend but peoples’ messages did help. I apologise if I spoilt the verdict thread but reading that we had put in a performance did lift my spirits a little.
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    Papa Gueye

    According to Wolves rumours and his Wiki page he has signed/at Compton. Keep forgetting its school holidays
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    Holding the club to account

    Who is holding the club to account? I don't expect the fans parliament to as that is something organised and controlled by the club. I expect the local newspaper, who have access to the club to ask the difficult questions but I don't see it happening. The club should be squirming to answer the...
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    After 32 games last time we were in this division we had also achieved 70 points with exactly the same record in terms of wins/draws/losses. Our goal difference then was 3 better than we have currently as we had scored 16 more goals and conceded 13 more goals. However, in 88/89 we were 8 clear...
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    Where have all the heroes gone?

    Been reading and occassionally contributing to the recent threads about our current situation and the 'team' we currently have and what struck me was that we have no one who the fans would call a hero or is a personification of what the team is about. As a supporter of wolves since the early 70s...
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    Lies and Statistics

    Being worried as most on here about next weekend and bored I thought I would look at the teams form guide since the new year. I think this is more telling than the last 4 or 5 games as it covers the fact that teams have played game over a longer period of time. At 5pm on New Years Day we were...
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    Some Questions

    Having been away and only listening to reports of Saturday's game on 5 live and watching highlights in the evening I am a bit confused and have a few question: 1. The papers would appear to say we were totally outclassed, taught a lesson and obviously doomed, do they submit their copy...
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