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    Scott Sellars Interview

    Have mentioned it on some threads but feels it deserves its own as very interesting in different ways. https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2022/03/24/exclusive-wolves-technical-director-scott-sellars-on-fosun-funds-and-the-future/
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    Chinese owners - Russian fall out

    This is not good for us (just from a football perspective, I know there are more important things this has implications for as well)
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    Raul Jimenez

    Could be set to miss the Watford game. "Newcastle United, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Watford and Blackburn Rovers were all facing action for blocking Miguel Almiron (Paraguay), Raul Jimenez (Mexico), Francisco Sierralta and Ben Brereton (both Chile), respectively, from travelling to games in...
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    Premier League owners survey

    Not sure it warranted a thread but would be taking other ones off topic. Anyway, even as someone who has criticised Fosun a lot recently, I was very surprised that this number was so low. Obviously would need more details on how many took the survey and other stuff but wonder if Jeff cares?
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    Rio Ferdinand

    This is going to be the news for the next few days/weeks (rightly).
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    Wolves Brand Value

    Had mentioned it on another thread but could take it off topic. Anyway, this was posted today. Unsurprisingly, nothing from the club yet, who were pretty pleased with how it went last year! Can imagine that Fosun take this sort of thing seriously, even if probably doesn't mean much to us fans.
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    Morgan Gibbs-White

    Tried to bring up the two previous threads but they're locked, this can be merged if there's another one, but can't see it. Anyway, think Gibbs-White deserves a bit of praise, and I say that as someone who has criticised him a lot in the past. His recent substitute appearances have been...
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    The demise of Birmingham City

    With the 10th anniversary of their cup win nearly here, there's been a few articles looking at Blues' decline in the past decade. https://www.skysports.com/football/story-telling/11694/12227928/birmingham-city-a-decade-in-decline...
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    Reports that he has died at 60. I know some won't have liked him but what a player he was, and a character.
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    Where will we finish this season?

    The squad is seemingly set. (Can change votes if anything happens before 11pm) Same applies to most of the Premier League. Arguably Partey to Arsenal is the last major deal to go through. So, you've seen four games and the question is simple. Where will we finish this season?
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