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    Never started a thread before. Why don’t we make any noise? Two games in 5 days where the opposition have wasted time, gone down constantly for free kicks, ref has struggled with their antics…and you barely get a murmur from the crowd. Man City at home 3-2 a coupla years back we more than let...
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    The Wonder of Wolves

    Does any club sing Elvis's "The Wonder of You"? If not we should adopt it with You swapped for Wolves. But no other cringeworthy lyrics changes like our attempt at adopting The Impossible Dream (ruined by lyric changes & that awful cover version IMO) Most Elvis songs would sound ace sung by...
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    Blameless Players

    I, like many, know the players are at fault for this shambles. But i think we should keep a list of the players we DON'T include as part of the problem. Mine: Karl Ikeme - Player of the season so far? Danny Batth - no explaination needed Siggy - looks like he will be great (I know his name...
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    Perspective - Championship Top Ten

    Why do we think we should be automatically in the Play-offs or above? Let's look at the top ten: 1Cardiff 50 years out of the top flight, spent years trying to build a squad for promotion 2Hull 3rd Season out of the premiership 3Middlesbrough 4th Season out of the premiership 4Crystal...
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    Two Testimonials

    Can anyone think of any other players that had two testimonials? Need to know for a bit of work banter... Alvin Martin Steve Bull
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    First team ever to be top after 3 games and bottom with 3 to go?

    First team ever to be top after 3 games and bottom with 3 to go?
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    Stadium Redevelopment

    This is my first post on here, first of any kind since 606 closed. I'm so tired of people banging on about the new north bank, I don't run a football club but I know WWFC doesn't have one current account at NatWest with all the cash in it! If we hadn't re-built the northbank there wouldn't...
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