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    Your last exciting transfer

    great price, too!
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    What are your rules for respecting a poster ?

    As long as you agree with everything I say, I'm sure we'll get along well.
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    one wish for next season

    Raul scores a goal with a bullet header from a bullet cross from Chiquino against Villa relegating them.
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    I am a legacy fan - yes I am a legacy fan - are you ?

    what do you get if you're a legacy fan, a medal?
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    Raul Jimenez next season

    he's actually saying Raul still plays for Wolverhampton....something he's making up (or inventing) he's saying he'll play for a different team in England now.
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    Raul Jimenez next season

    maybe just a little bit?!?!?!?!?!
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    Raul Jimenez next season

    you really believe that's what he meant?
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    Your call - who would you like to be our main sponsors - on our shirts ?

    Real Madrid. it would be awesome to see their logo on the jersey, confusing the hell out of everyone.
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    Oh Adama Traore!

    Hwang and Fabiolous are....to be their ball retrievers.
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    Our Starting 11...

    No one wants to see Fabiolous leading the attack?
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    Tim spiers article

    I dislike Fabiolous more than hwang.
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    Jose Sa vs Rui Patricio

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    Tim spiers article

    I didn't see them laugh or make fun of him, i saw them get ****ed off because of his ineptitude. a great chance was blown twice by him in less than 5 seconds.
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    the first point was conjecture, the second point is on video.
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    if raul passes him that ball, it ends ups either in the keepers paws, hwang slips before he kicks it and stays down for 4 minutes or the ball ends up in the 24th row. as far as the first cross, hwang slowed his run before getting into the box. had he kept the same pace, it would have been an...
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    Raul Jimenez next season

    His heading vs liverpool was excellent. in fact, he won most 1 vs 1 headers and made good passes with those headers to his teammates.
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    I know what that means!!!!!
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    with his speed and his passing ability and with Raul firing on all cylinders....what could have been.
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    Chiquinho would have been better, imo.
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    Liverpool Verdict

    hahaha! true. i stand corrected!
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