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  1. Hanbury_Wolf

    Christno Playersinyet

    Set to sign today apparently
  2. Hanbury_Wolf

    Europa League Final

    Not our one in Gdansk. That's 363 sleeps away. I was actually thinking about tonight's game. Dont really have a preference, like or dislike of either club so was pretty much just going to enjoy the game. Then I realised Arsenal failing to win puts them at a big disadvantage in the transfer...
  3. Hanbury_Wolf

    New contract for Nuno.......Bostin

    Any guesses
  4. Hanbury_Wolf

    Away Tickets next season

    I've been to a few away games in the last few years but nearly always been able to get a ticket when it gets down to either members or general sale. I'm assuming that quite a few fixtures will not get that far next season so I've bought a season ticket even though I won't get to around 30-40%...
  5. Hanbury_Wolf


    I know it's been said before but what a difference this guy makes at the back. We just don't look like conceding if he's about. P12 W9 D2 L1 And only conceded 6 goals in those 12 games.
  6. Hanbury_Wolf

    Andre Silva Anyone?

    http://www.sportbible.com/football/transfers-60-million-ac-milan-pair-could-be-on-the-move-in-january-20171209 Available in Jan and then possibly permanent in Summer...........imagine!!!
  7. Hanbury_Wolf

    Did Man City Break the subs rule?

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/4760794/arsenal-and-man-city-could-be-disqualified-from-carabao-cup-or-forced-to-replay-fourth-round-ties-after-making-too-many-substitutions/ THE CARABAO CUP descended into fresh farce with Arsenal and Manchester City dragged into a substitutions probe...
  8. Hanbury_Wolf

    Cometh the Hour, Cometh the cult hero (70/1 shot!)

    Boly looking class. The fans are already taking a shine to him. Just had a look at first goalscorer odds for the match. 70/1!!! Gotta be worth a cheeky bet. Get on before the readers of Molineaux mix swallow it up. Especially given our likely starting front 3 have scored a combined total of...
  9. Hanbury_Wolf

    Experince Required

    Anyone else think we may be a little exposed experience wise with the current expected starting 11? We're all hoping that adaptation from a foreign league will be as smooth as possible for the influx of foreign lads. I would predict that some manage it, some won't. (Costa v Tiexera) More of a...
  10. Hanbury_Wolf

    Dave Edwards Bashing

    I'll be honest I don't get it. Some of the comments on here and on Twitter, including directly to Dave, are disgraceful. I get that fans, including myself are excited by the ambition showed by the club and that Dave Edwards and others may not have the quality to be part of it. I just don't...
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