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  1. Black Coffee

    The same old, same old, repeated arguments transfer thread

    The state of this thread it's just the SOS with a slightly different shade of paint surely there are more important things in life then wallowing in negativity and believing in anything bad (in June) the window has been opened about week. Go for a walk or something a bit more strenuous **** me...
  2. Black Coffee

    Non-Wolves Transfers (Summer Transfers 2022)

    He could but Rodri is the same age and a far superior player it seems unnecessary to me.
  3. Black Coffee

    Non-Wolves Transfers (Summer Transfers 2022)

    Grealish vibes I just don't see what Pep is thinking unless he is just trying to bump up the homegrown quota. Phillips is just not at Citeh's level I just don't see it.
  4. Black Coffee

    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    I take it you've never negotiated with anyone regarding hiring someone . Wages are obviously an incentive but reassurances about confidence in hiring that person if they are happy relocating, family and ect. are more pressing issues. There will be feelers regarding wages but nothing concrete...
  5. Black Coffee


    **** happens he didn't look particularly brilliant nor seemed too keen on being here. Can't fault anyone it just didn't work out nor did he look like 20M player. I ain't gonna write a long essay on why it is X's fault and the root of it all is some form of negativity. Credit to him he's proved...
  6. Black Coffee

    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    I agree I don't think he was that player either it was definitely a purple patch ala Dean Sturridge in the 01-02 season IMO He clearly has ability but if he was that player he would still not be here TBH
  7. Black Coffee

    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    Adama is a good man but it seems he is getting some bad advice from someone which is a shame as things are just not working for him ATM. Going from being talked about as a £50-60M+ player going to a mega club 12-18 months ago to being linked with Leeds at a fraction of the price is come down...
  8. Black Coffee

    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    I'm assuming the last 20+ pages that has been the theme .
  9. Black Coffee

    Southgate - In or Out?

    The reality is of course results matter but Southgate is a dreadful coach IMO who has an embarrassment of riches available in terms of talent yet churns some truly uninspiring negative football. His CV looks good but he's had fortunate passages in qualifying for and in tournaments. I suppose...
  10. Black Coffee

    Today’s games - 2021-22

    Offside and dive Kane has zero shame.
  11. Black Coffee

    Walsall Takeover

    Never has a takeover been so apt Walsall being brought by 'company' from a state know for it's inbred yokels and general stupidity . They were probably paid in chicken feed and some loose fags
  12. Black Coffee

    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    Tim is like a bad psychic gets things wrong and full of assumptions. IIRC didn't John Percy say a few weeks back we had funds nothing about buy to sell, could be wrong but I'm sure I read it somewhere. . Tim is a decent guy but his sources dried up a long time ago
  13. Black Coffee

    Marcal dropping truth bombs

  14. Black Coffee

    Verdict Thread (For what it's worth)

    We have become one of the greatest cures for insomnia over last month it's so boring to watch no wonder the crowd has been lacklustre for a while. Today was **** and seemed like an exercise to drive fans away never mind get us to renew next season. Bruno needs the boot there is no way I would...
  15. Black Coffee

    Neves x 200

    Having a pop at the club what a surprise...
  16. Black Coffee

    City Verdict

    Citeh are on another planet but what the **** is it with Bruno and his half positions playing Dendoncker as a RW/CM and Johnny last night as a RCB/RWB is ****ing baffling. We were far too open and disjointed yes it was Man Citeh but the naivety of Bruno 'tactics' is embarrassing. I would not...
  17. Black Coffee

    Today’s games - 2021-22

    Mings what a ****ing donkey :laughing:
  18. Black Coffee

    Romain Saïss x 200

    Excellent news as this is clearly a sign we will be reinforcing the central defence this summer. It is definitely time some of the older players to be moved on and Saiss is top of my list.
  19. Black Coffee

    VAR - puzzled

    It was soft in terms of contact especially with someone built like Lukaku going down so easily is cringeworthy but by the letter of the law it's a penalty and another brain dead tackle by the Moroccan Richard Stearman.
  20. Black Coffee

    Romain Saïss x 200

    The Moroccan Richard Stearman probably a nice guy too but just isn't good enough. The fact he's been a starter since randy Ryan ****ed up his career here is indicative of our poor recruitment in that area. Needs to go as we need better and will go most likely to some Middle Eastern league on...
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