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    Comparative results table 2021/22

    I've run a similar thread in the last two seasons (see 2019/20 and 2020/21), and have decided to track this season's results in this fashion once again. While the league table is taking shape at 8 games in, the impact of the "luck" of the fixture computer is still too significant to use the...
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    Relegation retrospective

    We, and the other 17, now know that a paltry 29 points guaranteed survival. Wolves therefore stayed up by beating Southampton way back on 14 February. The 3 relegated sides now know that they would have needed 40 points to survive, so when was their cause ultimately a fruitless one?... -...
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    More breakaway shenanigans

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    Comparative results table 2020/21

    I ran a similar thread last season so, amid the boredom of the international break, decided to revive the concept this year too. While the league table is taking shape at 8 games in, the impact of the "luck" of the fixture computer is still too significant to use the real league table as the...
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    Is there no end to Jota's talents?

    First, he claims glory for the club thanks to his e-sports skills, now he is ready to take to the riverbanks if that's what it takes to complete the league schedule. Dedicated or what!?
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    Greek FA orders all games to be behind closed doors

    Via Google translate: In pursuance of the specific preventive measures announced by the Ministry of Health to restrict the transmission of coronavirus, football matches of all categories, national or local, scheduled for this and next week, will be held behind closed doors. EPO - Hellenic...
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    Wolves' PL top scorers

    Raúl Jiménez – 23 Steven Fletcher – 22 Kevin Doyle – 18 Matt Jarvis – 15 Diogo Jota – 12 Sylvan Ebanks-Blake – 10 Henri Camara, Matt Doherty – 7 Jody Craddock, Stephen Hunt, Rúben Neves – 6 Carl Cort, Dave Edwards, Jamie O'Hara, Alex Rae, Adama Traoré – 5 Willy Boly, Colin Cameron...
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    BBC Red Button now

    Showing a repeat of our FA Cup game vs Man Utd last season.
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    Top goalscorers of the decade

    1. Dave Edwards – 39 2. Bakary Sako – 38 3. Diogo Jota – 37 4. Nouha Dicko – 35 5. Raul Jimenez – 34 6. Benik Afobe – 29 7. Kevin Doyle – 28 8. Matt Doherty – 26 8. Sylvan Ebanks-Blake – 26 10. Steven Fletcher – 24 11. James Henry – 22 12. Ivan Cavaleiro – 19 12. Helder Costa – 19 14. Matt...
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    A consequence of tonight

    Two more Saturday games lost: Norwich (H) - likely now Sunday February 23 Tottenham (A) - likely now Sunday March 1
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    UEFA Euro 2020

    Seedings for the draw on 30 November: Pot 1 Italy (Group A with all group games in Rome) Belgium (Group B) Ukraine (Group C) England (Group D with all group games in Wembley) Spain (Group E with all group games in Bilbao) Germany (Group F with all group games in Munich) Pot 2 Russia (will be...
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    Comparative results table

    (...AKA it's an international weekend with no Wolves game...) While the league table is taking shape at 8 games in, the impact of the "luck" of the fixture computer is still too significant to use the real league table as the sole basis for a team's performance to date. To combat this I...
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    TV Games 2019/20

    Mon 19th August: Manchester Utd (h; 20:00) Sun 1st September: Everton (a; 14:00) Both on Sky; no games selected by BT.
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    Accounts due today

    We are meant to file our accounts for last season before the close of the day. In fact, most clubs are so some interesting reading ahead to see how Villa et al did.
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    Away kit run preserved

    After yesterday's draw, we have still yet to win a PL match when not in gold and black.
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    PL game on April 6th cancelled

    As a result of the draw we will not be playing Manchester Utd in the league that weekend. One team will be busy in a Wembley semi-final, let's hope it's us...
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    Cavaleiro suspended

    ..according to the FA, it was Cavaleiro not Neves that was sent off! "Data on this page is updated following receipt of the Match Officials' reports" ... either the bloke updating their website cannot read or Attwell cannot identify players. The website for the English football association...
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    Derby not involved?

    Today's Daily Mail features another Martin Samuels article, this time with reference to PL clubs being nervous about the Mendes link. The most interesting part however is the following: Much like the protests against Wolves from within the Football League, this seems an overplayed hand. Derby...
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    Magic Number Thread 2017/18

    OK, with the Christmas programme now concluded, it's maybe time to get the countdown started. Firstly for anyone who hasn't come across the magic number before, a few words... the number you see are the points Wolves still need to acquire to mathematically guarantee promotion. Below that figure...
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    Blues not on TV(?)

    Sky initially delayed announced the picks for the first weekend of December but have now come up with Leeds vs Aston Villa on Friday night and Bristol City vs Middlesbrough on Saturday night, so at the moment the Blues game is not on TV. I suspect the delay was due to trying to get police to...
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