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    At Their Best With Wolves...

    who would you consider "world class"? Moutinho? Neves? Raul? Rui? Any of them, none of them? Anyone else?
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    Who Deserved the Red Card?

    That number 7 is a clown.
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    When Neto Comes Back...

    who would you rather have in the lineup, Hwang or Podence?
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    Projected Finish

    Wolves projected finish at the end of the season: 35-3 Yeah, I said it....35-3
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    Celebrating a Goal

    So, now that we're a few days away from Jota either scoring a hat trick or a game winner in the 95th minute against us, what are your feelings on a player coming back to his old stomping grounds and celebrating a goal against his former team? Many players don't, they just put their heads down...
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    Raul Penalty Appreciation Thread

    I asked in the match thread, "Why do I still get nervous when Raul is about to shoot a penalty....WHY?" You Mixers still get nervous or are you thinking "It's in the bag!!!"
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    Traore's Run

    Did someone actually ay "foul him"?
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    Which Player?

    Right now, which player can't we afford to lose the most? Obviously not hoping this happens but I was thinking about it....due to injury or what have you.
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