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  1. J

    Pick Two Dream Signings

    Just meant as a bit of fun like the pub rumors thread. Let's say we're in a world where Wolves can make two dream signings this summer but that's all. Signing these two takes up all the budget and nobody else can come in. But they can be dream signings. This isn't a thread for telling people to...
  2. J

    Discuss ffp here.

    I'll try again with less snark. There are two different FFP's that have been affecting the club. Premier league and UEFA. In the year before we were subject to either of them, we ran up a huge debt getting out of the championship. In our first three seasons in the prem, we were constrained by...
  3. J

    Alessio Romagnoli

    This isn't a link or rumour. Just a player I'd like to see us trying to sign. Been an admirer of his for a number of years. Comfortable on the ball, strong, calm presence at the back. Could be a good partner with any of our existing centreback options IMO. Looks set to leave Milan and they...
  4. J

    Jack O'Connell

    Not a rumor. Just thinking out loud. Nobody seems to be linked with O'Connell. Is it down to the injury? Surely he'll be back for pre-season, unless I've missed a recurrence of the injury or a complication slowing down his recovery. Makes me think of when Lescott was Injured for us. The team...
  5. J

    My blog post on Nuno, Wolves, and the changing dream.

    Please delete if not appropriate to link to it here, mods. I don't want to get stuck in Nuno in/out conversations the way fans did for years after Mick. So I summed up all my feelings here... https://www.jaystringerbooks.com/blog/2021/6/10/nuno-had-a-dream Now on with Bruno.
  6. J

    Why are you a football fan?

    Genuine question. I'm not looking for any arguments or gripes here. I'm curious as to what we each come to football 'for' and what our ideal experiences are? As a distraction from all the arguing and the gossip and the waiting-for-news, I just want a fun conversation about what we all like about...
  7. J

    How much do we need to spend? Really?

    I'm in the early stages of Ruben Neves grief, which basically means I'm in denial. So I'm thinking out loud here. The idea is out there that we need several new signings to reboot the team. But do we? This is, in large part, driven by context. Yes, under Nuno, and with the players in the squad...
  8. J

    Managerial Tetris

    I thought deserved it's own spot, rather than putting it in one of the threads for each candidate. It's a sign of how far we've come, that we're now involved in the game of top level managerial Tetris. If the Real Madrid and and Juventus jobs become available, that affects the top end of the...
  9. J

    New Chance For The Loanees?

    I'm on record as a Nuno-In fella. But it's all academic now. So, in the spirit of moving on to the new era... We need a bigger squad next season, and have quality (to varying degrees) players out on loan. Clearly Nuno already had his opinions on each of them. Which players do you think should...
  10. J

    Nuno's Evolution.

    Much use of the word evolution lately. For the team. There are debates over whether it's just a change in personnel or a change of tactics. Personally, I think we're not going to see any formations this season that we didn't see last season, but we will see a regular rotation between 343, 352...
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