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    Can anyone explain clearly where we are heading ?

    Players joining yoyo clubs like Fulham over established premier league sides. The midlands just isn't attractive enough to certain players and I'm fine with that but was really narks me is our scouting, what's our plan B? Surely there's other non Portuguese targets that could do a good job...
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    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    Collins 40m for a player who's only played 19 games in the EPL, Burnley been on the crack pipe.
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    Rumours from the pub

    Anything above 20m we're robbing them, great bit of business if true!
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    What are your rules for respecting a poster ?

    It's the casting of aspersions on some of our own players that sets me off, I'll use MGW as an example. He's a young lad and needs our backing if and when he plays, to try and essentially destroy his reputation among fans really ****es me off. That's what narked me lately, I avoided the...
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    Morgan Gibbs-White

    You really don't like him do you, it's clear as day.
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    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    We appear to be slow out of the blocks yet again. Unfortunately I think this will be just another summer transfer window like the last couple we've had....alot of disappointment
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    Horrendous last quarter of season. Owners cannot be happy with losing out on £4m, I'm proper ****ed about it.
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    Morgan Gibbs-White

    At 22 and English, we should be commanding a fee of 30m plus if selling. Blatantly obvious he's too good for the Championship.
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    Chelsea v Wolves comms thread.

    I just knew that donkey would score against us, on for a hattrick now. Only we could make him look that good. CBs abysmal again. Time to **** some of this tripe off for good.
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    I have to say???

    Crystal Palaces recruitment policy is (and has been for quite a while) quite excellent. Helps they're in London obvs as that alone draws players in.
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    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    Wholesale changes are never good, look at the vile last season. We need 4 good signings in the key areas mentioned. I'd like to see MGW stay and be given a chance in this league with us.
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    Wolves v Brighton comms thread.

    This is dreadful. We've made Brighton look like citeh or Liverpool.
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    Wolves v Brighton comms thread.

    Offside. But it's wolves so let's give the pen anyway.
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    Wolves v Brighton comms thread.

    What a donkey.
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    Burnley verdict thread

    Burnley can always rely on us.
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    4 years ago today.....

    Recreating it at the 2nd attempt for SoccerAM was also class, Bullards like ok then thats it lads let's go home, cracked me up.
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    Having a go at our attackers when we create little to nothing from midfield is hilarious. Some of you need to get a grip. We didn't turn up on Friday until falling behind. Our ball retention is woeful at times.
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    Newcastle verdict

    Team selection was poor by Lage. Mouts aside zero desire from the players. Lage should be doing more to motivate them it's like they've already resigned themselves to finishing 8th. Won't criticize Sa as he's been immense this season. Woods a donkey but always scores against us, at least we...
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    Bruno Lage

    Can't really blame us though can you, didn't exactly have glowing credentials!
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    Villa Verdict

    The joke that is the bbc must have received a directive to not discuss atrocious penalty decisions on motd unless it involves the big boys.
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