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    The same old, same old, repeated arguments transfer thread

    Exactly the way i feel - apathy. Would be so happy to be proven wrong.
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    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    Palhinha blocked us?
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    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    If we lose Palhinha due to ****ing around over Neves that would be ****ing shambolic. Given what we need to do this summer it would be a shocking development.
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    Players you'd like us to be looking at

    Cameron Archer from the vile. Looks an amazing prospect.
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    Morgan Gibbs-White

    Excellent. I really hope he stays and that we use him correctly.
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    Rumours from the pub

    Lol. Yes and he ended up negotiating himself into a corner and came away with blue and white stripped paint instead.
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    Rumours from the pub

    Yes. Quite the mystery isn't it.....:)
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    Bruno Lage

    Are we going to get another Ask Wolves with a managerial vacancy disclaimer? Someone said its been 3 weeks now since they recorded it. Must be borderline out of date even now (regardless of Bruno situation).
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    But then Bruno also said on Friday that he wanted Ruddy to stay. 3 days later, he's gone! . Couldn't make it up (unlike the Hwang rumour unfortunately).
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    Verdict Season: 21/22.

    Lets hope they are going to be "like for like" - i do worry about the competence of those trying to make this happen!
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    Please don’t sign Hwang

    Yep. He can't be as bad as he been looking (very bad). He's clearly in a bad place and Bruno is not doing him or us any favours by constantly playing him. What is going on?
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    Morgan Gibbs-White

    Now that is a highlights reel. As others have said, imagine if we'd heard we were signing him. Wow.
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    Chelsea v Wolves comms thread.

    Chiquinho can play. Who'd of thought? Great come back. Well needed.
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    Today’s games - 2021-22

    And an assist now Gerrim in.
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    Morgan Gibbs-White

    From watching lots of Sheff U games this year he seems to be playing very forward - often the furthest forward. He's like a striker for them or perhaps a very advanced 10.
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    Upcoming Internationals

    Rui is on the bench (with Sa). They can catch up on Wolves banter
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    Leeds Verdict

    Bet he does tho. Saiss needs to go. He's been great, he can be great.. but we've got Boly and Kilman.
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    Romain Saïss x 200

    Just this. End.
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    U18 & U23 news and info...

    Think his loan at the start of the season didn't work as he hardly got any game time....
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