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    AFC Wimbledon

    Congrats to them. Amazing run of promotion since being formed in 2002. In same league as mk dons next year!
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    Liam McAlinden

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3391515/You-couldn-t-spotted-thought-camouflaged-Drunk-British-tourist-stumbling-Vegas-baffles-cops-thinks-arrest-him.html A doppelganger if not the boy himself!
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    Abhorrent. Do these $$$$$$$s have absolutely nothing else to do than cause damage to a place that relies on charity to help our ill? I'm beyond disgusted. I urge all to review these images and shop these $$$$$...
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    Brentford Moneyball

    Taken from the bbc site; "The Griffin Park club, who appointed Dutchman Marinus Dijkhuizen as their new head coach this month, have decided to apply statistical modelling to player recruitment. They will now use a mathematical-based approach to recruitment, introduced by owner Matthew...
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    Just caught the end of the palarse wet spam match, jedinaks elbow on another professional was appalling. What is wrong with these players. Absolutely no need what so ever.
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    Matt Grimes

    I know hes been mentioned by a few mixers recently but hes set to move to Swansea for a reported 1.75m according to the bbc, alot of money for a League 2 player.
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    Football league show

    Didnt realise Burnley had so many of our ex players. Kightly looks good again and Jones scored a great volley, similar to the freekick routine one he scored for us a few years ago.
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    Pardew headbutt

    I dislike this ******* anyway, so really do hope he gets taken to the cleaners for this one. A complete nob.
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    SS2 Free view weekend

    Apologies if its already been mentioned, but I've been informed its freeview weekend on the skysports channels!
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    Friend's being released

    According to the E&S, what an utter waste of money. Our scouts seem to have problems spotting dodgy leftbacks! Mulgrew, Hill, Friend. I just hope Jelly isnt added to that list!
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    Burnley v Stoke

    Was on the bcc site and just realised these 2 are playing tonight, could obviously do with Burnley losing, but if they dont, then it adds even more importance to Sats match. Lets hope our players are up for the fight unlike the past 2 encounters with our other relegation rivals!
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    Strange lights/objects seen over Penn at 6:30 today!

    No I'm not loony! But did anyone else see these strange lights/objects? Silent and smoothly moving in the same direction, and too close to be an aeroplane, almost like a series of small comets, very strange! They were orange in colour, like fireballs, I seen 4 in total. They werent fireworks...
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    Zheng Zhi

    I see hes been released by Charlton having failed to agree a new contract, I'de love him at the Wolves, quality midfielder, plus marketing wise it'de be a gold mine!
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    Mark Davies Transfer Request

    Apologies if its been reported already but according to the bbc, hes handed in a transfer request. Judging by Micks comments he doesnt want him to leave but seems like its out of his hands now. The club have to protect there investment so I'de imagine they'll cash in now before leaving it to...
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    High Impact player

    MMs shown his intent this season, and again today, hes after another loanee (according to the press), a 'high-impact' player, is there anyone out there who could do the job on the left-wing, who we realistically would have a chance of getting? Sinclair at Chelsea maybe? Mancienne being here...
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    Ishmel Demontagnac

    BBC are reporting hes been sacked by Walsall, 'series of serious breaches of club discipline'. Has looked a good young player, another player who with the right application could have made a good future for himself in the game, wrong attitude though, like alot of youngsters these days.
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    Johnny Big

    Bananas............It was noticeable after the Cov match and after lastnights performance, do any of you think some of our players are getting a bit too big for there boots? Having the start we did, its easy to think we're better than some of the sides we come up against (on-paper doesnt mean...
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    Hope Friend develops into the player we all hope but it just got me thinking, if its 'one for the future', then why get rid of something similiar we already had?!
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    Official site youth team section

    We were promised an improved site, still seems like that same old out of date cr*p to me, Youth section still not updated, reports from last year, have the cubs not had any pre-season games?! What about this years in-take and released players? Dont think these have been updated either.
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    Youth team next season

    Nto sure if I've missed it or the Wolves site hasnt yet informed us (prob the latter!), any ideas whos been retained from the youth setup, and which players have been awarded youth contracts for next season??
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