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  1. JaseWWFC


    Must start on Wednesday.
  2. JaseWWFC

    Chelsea v Wolves comms thread.

    Chiquinho must have earned a start for Wednesday after that performance.
  3. JaseWWFC

    Bust up

    At one point yesterday Tony Roberts was trying to give Jonny instructions on the half way line but he didnt look one bit interested and carried on standing there as Tony stormed back to the dugout.
  4. JaseWWFC

    First team training

    Has anyone heard anything about Kilman ? Got helped off the pitch today in the Training session at the ground.
  5. JaseWWFC

    Team v Everton

    Same team and same start to the match.
  6. JaseWWFC

    Newcastle away fixture change

    City match depends on FA Cup because if they get through the next round im sure its the same weekend.
  7. JaseWWFC

    FA Cup 3rd round draw

    Seems like the whole ticketing site is down.Anyone else having issues ?
  8. JaseWWFC

    December Fixtures!

    Anyone else just had a notification to say Liverpool tickets are on sale ???
  9. JaseWWFC

    Team Meeting Prank - Wolves Players React to FIFA 22 Ratings

    Have you seen him on matchday ? Swaggering around like he's in charge not Bruno.
  10. JaseWWFC

    Villa ticket details

    Went to Rangers on a stag ? Wrong Jason mate i did go to Secondary school with you though.
  11. JaseWWFC

    Loyalty points help needed

    Loyalty point system is a farce this year.Built mine and my daughters points up to then have 100 points only when i renewed my membership.10.15 this morning most tickets gone for Brentford i feel sorry for the people who cant get to a device early morning and miss out.
  12. JaseWWFC


    Wolves website says Away kit on sale this weekend.
  13. JaseWWFC

    Wolves membership

    Got mine and my daughter's smartcards but didn't give me a option to load my United tickets to it today.Still only print at home.
  14. JaseWWFC

    Celtic Vigo Home

    Still no loyalty points added for this game.
  15. JaseWWFC

    Celtic Vigo Home

    Looks like its free with a purchase ? So not exaclty free.
  16. JaseWWFC

    Celtic Vigo Home

    Its on the website.
  17. JaseWWFC

    Celtic Vigo Home

    Points awarded so Vinny can charge you extra next season for that exclusive rip off membership plus .
  18. JaseWWFC

    Celta Vigo Loyalty Points

    So you try and get has many points as possible and then pay more for being loyal.Great scheme that.
  19. JaseWWFC

    Celta Vigo Loyalty Points

    What are even the point of Loyalty points anymore ?
  20. JaseWWFC

    Atmosphere on Sunday

    I havent got a ticket and was going up the ground anyway to see the team arrive.I agree the streets should be lined to give Nuno the sending off he deserves
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