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    Hope there is a positive send-off on Sunday

    It might be the last time we see Ruben, Joao, Romain, even Raul. Could be others too. I hope that whatever happens, we give them a really positive send off, which his difficult given the recent results. A nice win would make a lot of difference of course. But either way, I will be there at the...
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    Away STs

    My lad wants us to try and get one next season, but it is a closed shop isn't it? Is there a waiting list just like the home STs? I apologise, I know these issues have all been covered, but having never considered one previously was just wondering if they were like gold dust?
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    Any news on Ruben?

    Reports of him being on crutches etc?
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    Our disallowed goal yesterday

    Not seen footage of it, but why was it disallowed? A little sly push in the back of the Watford defender?
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    Wonderful to have Willy Boly back tonight

    Don't get me wrong, all our CBs have all been absolutely superb this season, but wasn't it just great to have Willy back, he just looked so imperious and solid. Watford knew he would win headers, it looks like he was back to his best tonight. He also brought the ball out nicely. I would try and...
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    Which Wolves players from your lifetime are legends in your opinion?

    Every era has its legends. Obviously players will qualify for it if they have won things with us, but in my eyes (in my lifetime) most of the 70s team qualify. The Doog, Mike Bailey, Waggy, Kenny Hibbitt, John Richards, Derek Parkin, Frank Munro etc, but since then it’s hard but obviously Bully...
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    Transfer window poll

    What do you think will happen during the remainder of this window? For a bit of fun, lets see what happens? Will it be as you predicted?
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    3 in midfield again working well

    I note the last 2 games we have returned to a 3 man midfield. There are pro's and cons of course, but it worked very well for us the first 2 premier seasons. Do we stick or twist?
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    Football look-a-likes

    I'll start off with these 2......................
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    Another nostalgic video - but what would you have done with your pie?

    Following Mark Rankine's Lovechild's post of that wonderful Championship winning season video (which will always be my favourite-ever season), I attach another of our king Ruben Neves's selection of wonder-goals. But far more importantly, in the scheme of things, what would you have done with...
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    Daniel Podence superb today

    Things haven't gone smoothly for him since his arrival - lockdown then injuries, but he has been patient, and today he was imperious. 2 very nicely taken goals and he also set up our wonderful 2nd goal.
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    Wonderful Johnny Phillips article on Joao Moutinho today's Express and Star

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    Positives this season

    I have thought long and hard about the criticism of posters like me who are a bit fixated with certain issues like 'the midfield:oops:' and the need to stregthen whilst you are doing well etc etc etc (It stems from an endless desire to want us to always progress and improve) and I thought it was...
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    Is football really about trophies, or about days you remember for ever?

    Genuine question and point to discuss. I don't expect Wolves to win anything in my lifetime, but its all about days ay it? The whole competition thing is sown up, well more or less, but days like this I will remember with such fondness until the day I die. Simple as that. Those boys out there...
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    Mwapu at Brighton

    That energetic young midfielder who missed a sitter against us is looking very lively tonight for Brighton. He is exactly what we could/should have picked up. It goes to show you needn't spends multi-millions, just have a decent scouting network. He is really mobile and links up play nicely...
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    Most improved player over last 2 seasons?

    Well one thing I will always say is that every Wolves player leaves it all out on the pitch, I can't question any of them for their approach, attitude, effort. Its not always been the case at Molineux, but in the last decade its hard to question any of our players. To be in the top half of the...
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    Is there a good alternative to Sky Sports?

    Yes I fully acknowledge it is a choice thing, but I am really struggling to find it vaguely entertaining any more, other than on match day and of course I might well be at a game anyway. Jeff Stelling (old school) is retiring and I dread to think who else they will get in. The morning shows are...
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    They ay happy down the Albooin

    https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/west-bromwich-albion/2021/11/23/what-direction-are-we-heading-in-west-brom-fans-share-their-thoughts-after-goalless-draw-at-blackpool---video/ Listen, I know they are a passionate just like us, but just because they are not automatic top 2 they are...
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    How many are on our Season Ticket waiting list?

    I know it used to be around 10,000.........just wondered if Wolves had released any updated figures? Just heard Veeela have 20,000 on their waiting list.
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    Renato Sanches injury record

    What do people think? https://www.transfermarkt.com/renato-sanches/verletzungen/spieler/258027
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