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    Southgate - In or Out?

    We love a good managerial poll here! Thought I'd start one.
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    Non-Wolves Transfers (Summer Transfers 2022)

    John Swift to WBA apparently. Good player.
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    Good enough? In August, absolutely yes. In March, absolutely no. Failure to beat Norwich was terminal and cost us 4 mill. Can Bruno turn it around?
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    Team for Naaarrwitch

    Slapped tonight by champions We need to bounce back on Sunday and slap ourselves! Who would you pick? I like the idea of trying Mosquera or Toti at the back. And Fabio needs to score!
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    Well maybe not 4-4-2 but my god we looked good today playing 4 atb. Perhaps something to try against Norwich?
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    Dyche Sacked

    Wow! Fair to say I didn't see that coming.
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    Villa Verdict

    Time for a drink.... Huge to get a win after the Leeds match. I thought our mentality may be shot after that but fair play. I still think we will struggle to hold on to 7th, but 8th represents a bloody great season. https://streamja.com/Lykyg Decisions are getting weird now
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    Wolves cult heroes without (too) many games

    As I was proudly putting on my Matt Murray - England number one t-shirt this morning, I started wondering if there were any other players who have attained such a level of import from a fan base in spite of playing only a handful of games. I thought I'd open it up to the floor: Which Wolves...
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    Wat40rd Verdict

    I only seem to start them when we lose, so I'll buck that trend tonight! Watford truly truly truly woeful. We were impressive. 2 points off West Ham.
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    West Ham Verdict

    Let's have it. I assume we won owing to how we kept the ball in the last 10 mins...
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    40 points!

    We're staying up!!!!
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    Would you take 7th?

    Insomnia does funny things to people....including starting 3 am polls! 7th is very very likely to equal Europe conference league. Obviously it would mean we missed out on the premier European competitions, but it would mean a return to European football. Would you?
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    Integrating Young Signings

    I've been thinking quite a lot about our transfer strategy this week (obviously!) Clearly, we are going for the 'unearth a gem, build him up, sell him on, rinse, repeat' strategy. All well and good and it makes sense as a sustainable long term plan (provided you don't spend 35 mill on one of...
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    Player of the Season (Halfway stage)

    I was discussing this question at the weekend and it got me thinking what the consensus was amongst Wolves fans. It's close, in my eyes, between 3, but I've put in all the logical contenders
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    Refereeing Advice

    Slight change from my normal posts! I'm refereeing my first ever Sunday League game tomorrow. Any pointers from anyone who's been in this position before?
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    Are we.....the bad guys?

    Slightly tongue in cheek title, but I've noticed a whole lot of ****housery from Wolves this season. Jota used to throw himself on the floor with aplomb, but it looks like we have evolved into a bit of a playacty team even without his influence. Don't get me wrong - I don't care (too much). I...
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    Team for Brighton

    Right. Cheated today but we were always very likely to lose. Raul's absence might not be the worst as he's been awful in his last 4 I'd go: Sa RAN Coady Kilman Saiss Semedo Neves Dendoncker Moutinho Podence Silva/Hwang Podence is the only player who actually makes things happen so he has to...
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    Not a knee jerk, but one goal in 5 games tells it's own story about where improvements need to be made. Is it the personnel or the system that needs tweaking?
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    Unpopular opinions

    What's your unpopular football opinion(s)? Mine are that - Ben Foster seems like quite a decent guy... - Given time, Solbakken would have been a good fit for Wolves
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