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    New CL Format confirmed

    Uefa will allow two clubs to enter the Champions League from 2024 based on historical performance, it has been agreed, but with the rankings determined by country and not club. The deal, struck at a meeting of Uefa’s executive committee on Tuesday, is a compromise which will also see the number...
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    5 subs to be agreed in Premier League

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    Now the season is OFFICIALLY over (super serious)

    Whos bringing the blow up beach balls and fancy dress for the away ends, let the end of season parties begin. Wahey!
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    Hayao Kawabe

    Signed from Grasshopper
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    Virus and the League

    Seems things are spiking up again, few doubts on the games ahead. Not looking great over the festive period with such a glut of games all at once.
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    Norwich (A) - 21st December - trains

    A while away, but for those travelling take note that West Midland Trains & RMT are likely to be on strike meaning little and disrupted rail service. As it stands, the usual route of Wolverhampton-->London-->Norwich is cancelled all day with the only route being via Peterborough on any hourly...
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    Club Wembley Tickets

    Has anyone received their tickets yet for this? What block are people in for this?
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    Leicester - Pubs for Home - 19.01.19

    As this is an early kick off and I'll be venturing up from the depths, what places will be open early doors other than Spoons? Where are people planning on drinking?
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    Cafes open up town?

    Anyone with idea of a cafe that’s open up town? My soul requires a fry up.
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    Family over from America, took them to a pub in London to watch the old gold.... What a result, yelled the place down, get in lads, this is what it's for. An epic performance, that second goal was ecstasy. Fantastic!
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    L'Equipe Top 50 u-21 footballers

    https://www.lequipe.fr/Top/Football/top-50-foot-u21/12/ Number 41. :cool:
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    Cmon lads !

    Beer talking, great to get back to home, come on lads!
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    What will you spend your winnings on?

    What you going to spend your relegation winnings on? Thinking maybe a nice trip to Ibiza, forget about this mess.
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    Blues match becomes key.

    Looking at that form table, there is only one other team who's form is as worse as ours, our lovely rivals from across the way. This match has now become key, a huge huge match for the season, win it and we drag them down into the relegation mire with us and hopefully kick on for the rest of...
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    So... League One

    Staring it straight down the barrel, didn't think I'd ever see that place again but continue this vein of form and we are nosing diving towards it. So apathetic, never gets an easier does it?
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    Time for Chelsea tickets?

    Time do they go on sale? Looking to get two.
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    Season over

    Focus on staying up now
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    Cmon me babbies

    Slightly drunk coming from London but to hell with it. Come on me babbies today, support the lads and let's have a good time at Forest! Cmon wolves! Let's enjoy the laughter and fun side of life!
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    well we are ****ed
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    We got rid....

    If Zenga for this ****? What a joke!
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