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    Goncalo Inacio

    Believe we are close to signing him Not sure if it’s mean mentioned elsewhere If it has please feel free to delete this thread
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    Forest away

    Anyone heard when the tickets are going on sale
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    Celtic Vigo Home

    Anyone have any idea when these tickets will go on sale It says on the website that tickets will not be sold until we know fans can return to games I thought that was approved and in force from today Season tickets for next season are being sold as are away tickets for Stoke and Coventry. Don’t...
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    Joao Felix

    Anyone know anything about the rumour that he could be signing for us?
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    Jack Hodnet He’s one of our own

    Great news Jack Hodnet from Telford signs a pro contract with us Promising future PS I work with his sister
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    Wolves v Palace Mon 20 July

    Ok then I know there is at least one Wolves fan in Brixham don’t know him but I’ve seen his flag in the back of his car I’m going to Brixham on Saturday ( holiday to Fuventura was cancelled by Tui) for 5 days so need to know what pub in Brixham will be showing our game, does anyone know?
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    Jack Price My new hero

    What a small world I've had a plumber doing some work in my house now for almost 2 weeks He is a Liverpool fan from Shrewsbury and big friends with Jack Price Obviously we have been talking football a lot as he can see photos, pictures in my house lots of player photos etc in my sons bedroom as...
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    We're back

    We're back yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss
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    Cardiff play their game in hand on Tuesday night (13 Feb) However Derby also play that night, does anyone know why Derby are playing as the do not have a game in hand and therefore will have played one more game than us for a period of time Please feel free to delete this thread once the...
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    Swansea away tickets

    Aloocation is only 1000, surely there will be more available Tickets go on sale tomorrow but to both AST's and Season ticket holders Don't understand IF there is only 1000 available why there isn't just one day only for AST's
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    Today's Support

    Great win today, chuffed 7 points clear at the top and 10 points clear of third place Could life be better, not really Well..............today's vocal support IMO was poor I could go on but I won't What's your thoughts?
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    Just been watching Match of the day Absolute disgrace that McClean did'nt have a poppy on his shirt like every other player And his swipe at the Huddersfield player in the last minute should have been a straight red That bloke really is the scum of the earth, absolute ****er
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    Team v Norwich

    I would go with: Ruddy Miranda Coady Boly Doherty Saiss Neves Vinagre Cav Bonatini Jota That's my opinion but whatever team Nuno puts out I'm sure will be the right one
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    Southampton away

    Just received an email saying the tickets go on sale at 12pm today
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    Ipswich Verdict

    The whole team played well tonight, very well and thoroughly deserved all 3 points Stone wall penalty not given in the first half MOTM Saiss absolute class act brilliant Dissapointing not to come away with 3 points and dissapointed with the lack of subs he should have brought on Costa 15/20...
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    Another passing

    Just been informed Steve Smith, big Wolves fan and ex employee of Wolves of approx 20 years has passed away this evening Steve was a likeable lad who helped around the club. Shocked is an understatement, he was about 50 years old Thought and Prayers to his family and friends God Bless you Steve
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    Phone call from Wolves

    This afternoon about 3.20pm I had a phone call from Kerri at Wolves She said we are ringing the first 20 people or renewed their season ticket for next season and you was one of those and we have somebody who wants to say Thank you Dave Edwards came on the phone, I was talking to him for about...
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    Ipswich away

    Just got an email from Wolves regarding ticket information for Reading and Ipswich away games £37.50 and £32.50 for adults for Ipswich!!!!!, robbing robbing *******s!!!!! Fair play to Reading as they promised at the start if the season just £20, well done to them
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    Verdict Newcastle away in the cup

    Dissapointing performance, but the 3 points on Saturday was far more important The game really turned in a 5 minute spell when Wallace was through one on one with the keeper which should have put us one up, 5 mins later we was one down and a minute later from the kick off we was two down, never...
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    RIP Brian Billiett

    Just read on the official website, on the wall that is was Brian Billetts funeral yesterday Brian was famous for giving yellow and red cards to the opposition players and then to the ref, Brian was mentioned on here a few months ago. I used to stand next to him on the south bank in the eighties...
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