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  1. VancouverWolf

    DAZN leaves Canada….use Fubotv instead

    For my Canadian neighbours, DAZN‘s contract is finishing at season‘s end and Fubotv will show all PL games. https://worldsoccertalk.com/2022/01/13/fubotv-premier-league-rights-in-canada/
  2. VancouverWolf


    Happy New Year to everyone and your families and friends. I’m optimistic that Wolves will once again be playing like we did pre covid. So once again it’s out with the old and in with the new and on to better times.
  3. VancouverWolf

    What is the procedure between clubs during transfer windows. How does it actually start?

    Reading all the transfer news here and online, I realized I don’t know how clubs interact with each other and especially how they approach the other club regarding the player. How are transfers started? I mean the initial approach and not the later involvement with accountants and lawyers...
  4. VancouverWolf

    If you knew that Wolves for the next 7 seasons were…..

    Sometimes when I read the threads, I wonder if some fans will ever be happy and do they get any enjoyment at all. This is NOT about satisfaction. It’s about the ability to enjoy being a Wolves fan. So if, for the next 7 seasons in the PL Wolves bounce around between 8th. and 16th with no...
  5. VancouverWolf

    Why Amazon’s move into European sports is unstoppable.

    Watching games, (and other sports), is changing and the viewer might have better choices and lower subscription costs, at least initially. Two years ago DAZN won the tv rights for Canada over the previous big suppliers at a fraction of the cost and from my point of view its fantastic. They...
  6. VancouverWolf

    the fight for final season positions

    This season has been, to put it mildly, very unpredictable. Some teams are surprisingly faring better than others. And Wolves are having a less than stellar year but still not too shabby, in 12 th. Will this be the year that 3 of the top 6 big clubs will NOT qualify for any European...
  7. VancouverWolf

    A huge Thank You to Fosun, Wolves, Shi, Nuno, players and every employee

    I appreciate and am grateful to everyone who works, helps, organizes, trains, cleans, cooks, who do a million daily, big and small unseen things to make the Wolves club run smoothly. In this year, with so much death around and potentially close at hand, every day they go into to Molineux and...
  8. VancouverWolf

    Sheffield United Verdict Thread

    Great start and new players got their go....
  9. VancouverWolf

    Wolf jacket for kids

    Saw this pic and thought it was cool and wanted to share it but didn’t know where to post it so here it is. Also there are other incredible design tops to view......not football related. click on the link. It ok if the mods want to move or delete this...
  10. VancouverWolf

    Highlights Wolves v Espanyol

    not responsible for idiot commentator....best to turn volume down or off. Otherwise.....great game. https://player.upclips.online/embed/nANrdt76ritv1?autoplay=1
  11. VancouverWolf

    Southampton v Wolves highlights

    The good, the bad and the ugly......but not in that order:) sorry about the intruding adds....but it’s all there. Southampton vs Wolverhampton Highlights
  12. VancouverWolf

    Wolves v Besiktas highlights

    have never used this source before ....hopefully it’s ok https://footballhighlightsvideo.com/2019/12/13/wolverhampton-vs-besiktas-highlights/
  13. VancouverWolf

    Braga highlights

    Link didn’t work... Use one below
  14. VancouverWolf

    Bournemouth v Wolves highlights

    For those who didn’t see it. If anyone has better highlights please post them. Bournemouth vs Wolverhampton Highlights
  15. VancouverWolf

    USA v CANADA......Friday.

    Canada takes on the US in Florida on Friday, 4pm, pacific time. A win or a point would help us for next World Cup. Some viewing details for those in Canada. Although we beat them 2-0 last month, the US has a very good home record. DON’T MISS OUT! WATCH & SUPPORT #CANMNT Concacaf Nations...
  16. VancouverWolf

    Villa highlights

    Nice to put a winning PL highlights up. BTW, if anybody finds a better video, please post it. Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Aston Villa
  17. VancouverWolf

    Arsenal v Wolves highlights

    For those who may not have seen it, I’ve seen Wolves afraid to open a tin of beans sometimes this season....not today. Great game. Arsenal vs Wolverhampton Wanderers HL English
  18. VancouverWolf

    Newcastle highlights

    The poster assumes no responsibility for the quality of Wolves performance. This is posted for those who missed the game.:rolleyes: Newcastle vs Wolves HL
  19. VancouverWolf

    Bratislava highlights

    Slovan Bratislava vs Wolverhampton Wanderers
  20. VancouverWolf

    City v Wolves highlights..all videos welcome

    cant find English highlights yet but will later. In the meantime....enjoy. No, it’s not a dream.....lol This is in English and better. Man City vs Wolves Highlights Extended
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