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  1. JadeWolf

    Liverpool (A) Pre-Match Thread!

    IT’S MAAAAAAAATCHDAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! Here we go again everybody, for one last time this season we’re ready to support Bruno and the boys on the road. Tough test today of course, and very very similar to 3 seasons ago when we went to Anfield on the last day, safely tucked away in the top...
  2. JadeWolf

    Norwich (H) Pre-Match Thread!

    IT’S MAAAAAAAAATCHDAAAAAYYYYY!!! Here we go again. It’s the last first team home game of the season, and a chance to sign off with some positivity and cheer. We weren’t terrible on Wednesday night but we made some sloppy errors against the best side in the world, and you can’t do that and get...
  3. JadeWolf

    Chelsea (A) Pre-Match Thread!

    IT’S MAAAAAAATCHDAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! Here we go again. After last week’s horror show, today is a big chance to put things right. Tough one today (aren’t they all?) we know the quality and talent that Chelsea have, some unbelievable players and one of the best managers in the league. But they’re...
  4. JadeWolf

    Brighton (H) Pre-Match Thread!

    IT’S MAAAAAATCHDAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! Here we go again. After the disappointment of last week, Bruno’s boys are back in action looking to kick start the season again. It’s in real danger of fizzling out and ending on a bit of a downer, so let’s hope the players are right up for it today. Tough one...
  5. JadeWolf

    Jose Sa wins Midlands Player of the Year!

    Congratulations to Jose on winning the FWA Midlands Player of the Year! A well deserved award I’m sure we can all agree.
  6. JadeWolf

    FIFA Team of the Season

    https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/fifa/fifa-22/ultimate-team/tots/premier-league Not sure how much interest people will have but the game FIFA has a Premier League team of the season you can vote for. Jose Sa and Ruben Neves are on the nominee list.
  7. JadeWolf


    Looks like Marcal is off at the end of the season. Not massively surprising I guess, he’s been OK this season but he’s not gonna be first choice with Ait-Nouri pushing on the way he is.
  8. JadeWolf

    Leeds (H) Pre-Match Thread!

    IT’S MAAAAATCHDAAAAYYYY!!!! Here we go again. After two fantastic results one after the other, we’re going for the three in a row at home to Leeds. Momentum is huge, and at this point in the season we need to keep building what we’ve got. 46 points from 27 gives us a real chance to push on...
  9. JadeWolf

    Everton (A) Pre-Match Thread!

    IT’S MAAAAAAATCHDAAAAAAYYYYY!!! Here we go again. After Thursdays emphatic and exciting win, we on our travels today to take on another one of the league’s strugglers. Everton will give us a real test, let’s not kid ourselves. They’re desperate for points and in front of their own fans...
  10. JadeWolf

    Watford (H) Pre-Match Thread!

    IT’S MAAAAAAAATCHDAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!! Here we go again, after a disappointing Saturday a chance to bounce back and start putting things right. Not an easy game, Watford are a dangerous team with the pace and power they have in attack. We have our strength too so at home it’s up to us to make...
  11. JadeWolf

    Crystal Palace (H) Pre-Match Thread!

    IT’S MAAAAAAAAAATCHDAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! Here we go again! After two disappointing and frustrating performances and results down in the capital, we’re back on more familiar ground today, a home game and a chance to get things moving in the right direction again. Crystal Palace is a strange team...
  12. JadeWolf

    West Ham (A) Pre-Match Thread!

    IT’S MAAAAAAAAAATCHDAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! Here we go again. Doesn’t feel like five minutes since we were walking out of the Emirates heartbroken, and here we are with Bruno’s boys back down in the capital for our next adventure! It will be interesting how the lads bounce back from Thursday...
  13. JadeWolf

    Happy Birthday Conor Coady!

    Let’s have some positivity and cheer in here this morning! Wishing a very happy birthday to our captain and leader. 29 today!
  14. JadeWolf

    Arsenal (A) Pre-Match Thread!

    IT’S MAAAAAAATCHDAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! Here we go again! After a great win (if not great performance) the weekend, Bruno’s boys are back at it. The first of two trips to London in 4 days, and let’s hope memories of a great win at Spurs are still fresh in the players heads. This is one of catch up...
  15. JadeWolf

    Leicester (H) Pre-Match Thread!

    IT’S MAAAAAAATCHDAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!! Here we go again. I dunno about you lot but I’m still buzzing from last week. Great win away at Spurs to build on today hopefully! Yesterdays results were mixed, it was good for West Ham to drop points, Arsenal got an expected win and Tottenham an unexpected...
  16. JadeWolf

    Tottenham (A) Pre-Match Thread!

    IT’S MAAAAAATCHDAAAAAYYYY!!!! Here we go again! After a disappointing result but not terrible performance on Thursday, the lads have a chance to get things right down in the capital. It’s a tough game today. Tottenhams season has been a bit strange, they’ve threatened to explode into form at...
  17. JadeWolf

    Norwich (H) Pre-Match Thread!

    IT’S MAAAAAAAAATCHDAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Here we go again, after a winter break which seemed to last aaaaaages, the boys are back and we’re back with a bit of cup fever baby! No games are easy but a struggling Norwich side who might have an eye on their relegation battle is a good opportunity...
  18. JadeWolf

    Brentford (A) Pre-Match Thread

    IT’S MAAAAAAAATCHDAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! Here we go again boys and girls. After last weeks great win against a tough Southampton, Bruno’s boys are off to the capital, with revenge on the mind. With a tough little section of games coming up today could potentially be a really important one. Win and...
  19. JadeWolf

    Southampton (H) Pre-Match Thread

    IT’S MAAAAAAAAATCHDAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Here we go again, first home league game of 2022 and what feels like ages since the last one (0-0 v Chelsea if you’ve forgot)! We’re in good form, confident and have players playing really well. And yet I don’t feel that sure we’ll win today, maybe it’s...
  20. JadeWolf

    Sheffield United (H) FA Cup Pre-Match Thread!

    IT’S MAAAAAATCHDAAAAYYYYY!!! Dunno bout you lot but I’m still on a football high after Monday night?! What a great performance and great result. Slight change of focus today, the decent league form can be parked for the weekend, it’s time to be up for the cup! It seems that every year the FA...
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