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  1. Lisas Husband

    50-50 Challenges.

    Why have they been eradicated from the game? And how exactly can a 50-50 challenge bring about a card for someone who was genuinely going for the ball in what is still supposed to be a contact sport? Parts of our game now is in tatters. Raul (vs Leeds) had every right to challenge for the ball...
  2. Lisas Husband

    CB's and a midfielder you say?

    I say no. I see we'll lose Saiss and Boly to the Afcon, which will leave us short for a few games, but bejayzus, our midfield has minimal idea on how to start an attack and our forwards have minimal idea how to deal with one. For me we need at least ONE starting attacking midfielder and at...
  3. Lisas Husband

    Good players you 'wouldn't' sign......

    and why? There's a few good players out there who would enhance our first team, some of which make our skin crawl to the extent we'd hate for them to come to us. Personally I can't decide between Girlish and Zaha. Girlish offers more than Zaha but I think I dislike (or detest) them both equally...
  4. Lisas Husband

    Wim mossive in......

    Let's lighten it up a little. I see a few people getting all down in the dumps so maybe a change in direction? Wherever I go on me jollies I take at least one Wolves top with me. Sunday was the day we landed in Cape Verde (Boa Vista) and as soon as I could I changed into a Wolves top as it was...
  5. Lisas Husband

    Black socks

    I've given it time, and I really don't like them. To me it's too different to what we're used to. Cosmetically we looked better against Torino. I know it's all about preferences but gold socks am us. Black socks ay us.
  6. Lisas Husband

    Le Tissier - Wolves will finish 6th.

    As the title says. Unfortunately he believes Villa will just about stay up. I'd be properly chuffed with this.
  7. Lisas Husband


    So after a full season with the sought after Adidas gear, what are our thoughts? Many on here have banged the Adidas drum for a number of years and I myself have a vast amount of Adidas gear, so I do rate the stuff But after many failed attempts I finally managed to get to the club shop last...
  8. Lisas Husband

    Everton Done. What's next.

    Taking a look at what's to come in the league and if I'm honest I can't see that much of a problem. February could well see a clean sweep. Newcastle - home Bournemouth - Away Huddersfield - Home. I'd say on our current form we're more than capable of getting a full 9 points. Into March sees...
  9. Lisas Husband

    Coady on 5Live

  10. Lisas Husband

    Radamel Falcao

    Right, saw this and laughed, probably due to the source but also the fact our club is being mentioned alongside these names. Trustworthy? Probably not but here's the link for your entertainment Falcao to join Wolves? This is why we shouldn't rule it out
  11. Lisas Husband

    Sky Sports TV boxing day.

    Is available for free on Sky One. Linky Sky TV customers can watch Premier League on Sky One on Boxing Day
  12. Lisas Husband

    Cameron John - New Contract

  13. Lisas Husband

    Wolves Tickets Site Bost?

    Just tried to get one of whats left of the Man City tickets. When i click on a seat it flashed blue for a few seconds then goes back to available, it doesn't go to the basket. Am I missing something? Has anyone else on here noticed this and know the answer? I know one other person who is also...
  14. Lisas Husband

    Season Opener

    Watching Manure v Leicester on tellybox and even though its early days and either team won't be on top form, I've seen nothing apart from the crisper / faster passing (from Manure) that screams quality. Now maybe I'm looking at things through gold tinted glasses and I know it's different...
  15. Lisas Husband

    The bitch report.

    Saw this on Facebook, and going by the reaction to fans of other clubs regarding our signings, I think it's quite good. Made me larf anyway. Edited by admin. Not safe for work, swearing and the like. here is a link to the image - https://www.molineuxmix.co.uk/index.php?attachments/6563/
  16. Lisas Husband

    Sleeve sponsor

    Coin deal. What's this all about? Currency?
  17. Lisas Husband

    Modern day vs Old Skool.

    I saw on another thread someone saying something about how the game had changed. Has the game progressed in a way that has made it a better spectacle? Do the modern day snowflakes throwing themselves to the floor ruin it? Do we miss the hard men we used to have? Not just Wolves but football...
  18. Lisas Husband

    Season Opener

    Was talking about this at work the other day. I got asked (by a sandwell) whether I'd like a 'Big' name to start with, one of the Top 6 or to try and carry on the momentum of winning and take a Palarse, Huddersfield et al and work our way up to the big boys. My head says to leave the big boys...
  19. Lisas Husband

    Pre - season Training.

    OK, so the new season will kick off on August 11, how long before the new season do they start the training? I've never taken any notice as such and only really cared when we start to play games for pre-season, but this year I'd like to take my lad to watch them train, so taking time off work...
  20. Lisas Husband

    Family Enclosure ST's.

    After renewing mine in the Bully Upper and chatting with wifey I've decided that getting one for my lad and moving over to the family enclosure should be done. What would the chances be of the family enclosure selling out? I don't know much about that stand or how well the ST's sold last season.
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