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    Goal Difference (and how it has affected Wolves)

    Last 3 seasons we have lost positions owing to goal difference(includes below Newcastle on goals scored) A quick check shows an amazing 53 seasons where we have had the same points as other teams. We have lost out on Goal Average/Goal difference 28 times including Play-Offs and losing the top...
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    October 25th

    on this day in history an event in history happened which would eventually impact Wolves and possibly the wider world of football. Stan Cullis was born 1916
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    Greatest England Teams

    some international stats people have put their suggestions for great England teams. of course our own Billy Wright is in in their A team
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    3 year celebration

    st. jimi`s day.3years since raul joined .hope he`s back scoring soon
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    bully and johnny

    bully and johnny phillips putting on a wolves show at the grand theatre anybody got any info.
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    according to wolves twitter. top 50 "wonder kids" silva is 17th hoever is 33rd
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    R.I.P Gwyn Jones

    another player from our team of the fifties passed away.again suffering from dementia.
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    all international defence

    see boly called up by ivory coast.Is this the first time since clamp,slater,flowers
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    coads england debut?

    mail suggests england to go to a back 3
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    bored saturday afternoon

    made a few calculations on wolves home league gates 1888/89-2018/19. total crowds;50,809,900 av.20,756 highest;45966 1949/50 lowest;3,900 1888/89 best supported club;5th 1889/90 1932/33 1937/38 lowest 56th 1985/86 av.position 19th highest gate;56,661 1949/50 lowest,900 1891/92(est.)
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    rip gerry harris

    another of the greats gone to meet sir billy
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