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    Attendances 86-87

    Some interesting ones in here.
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    Never gets easier

    Doesn’t matter how old we get, that sickening, ruin the weekend feeling never goes does it…? Was my birthday yesterday, was having a great day, with a weekend of celebration to follow. Come 10pm I’m on suicide watch, have now since fell out with the wife because I said I would rather just...
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    When will Fabio score his first goal?

    Not meant as a dig, more a bit of fun. Surely he cannot go the entire season without a goal. I’ll go Villa at home.
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    Favourite EVER Wolves picture

    You can only have one. I’ll start. I just think this is absolutely iconic. Captures an entire era in one photo. Something so magical about the number 9 aswell.
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    Seems to be proper coming of age so far this season. Not even so much in just his performance, he just seems to have a real swagger about him. Enjoy him while we can.
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    God bless

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    Reasons to be cheerful

    We finished 13th last season and have added to that another of Europe’s top young talents and possibly the best all round striker in the world. Onwards and upwards.
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    Wolves 2-1 Man Utd

    I’m team Lage, don’t get me wrong… but a few beers in, just reminiscing, watching you tube, can’t help but feel that united cup quarter final win is going to be the pinnacle of my Wolves supporting life (aged 41). I could honestly watch that Jota goal all night long. Better to have loved and...
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    Pubs on Sunday

    Anyone know which pubs in town open for walk ins on Sunday? Or anywhere still with spaces that can be booked? Thanks!
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    Smash the Albion

    **** this season, it’s been absolutely awful from start to finish. What a chance to end it with a bang though and put the final nail in them ****ers coffin. Granted, will need some else to land the ultimate hammer blow but let’s take this opportunity to send the ****ers on there way and salvage...
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    First halves

    Seriously, what’s this all about now. I know we have always played our ways into games but since the restart last season, our first half performances have been ridiculous. Im not calling for the managers head, or anything like that, which is why I’ve put this on its own thread, as I’m...
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    The Impossible Dream

    Lighten the mood a little, remember when Jez for some reason thought this would be a great promotion song for fans to sing and gave us all song sheets to belt out this classic. Ha ha ha, what the actual **** was that all about.
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    Virtual striker

    Seeing as people are so willing to give money to far less worthy causes, I’m thinking of raising money for a virtual striker. Just £10 a ticket, or for £20 you get a pie and pint when the grounds open again in 2028. £30 gets you a lock of Fabio Silvas hair. Would anyone be willing to chip in...
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    The edge is not there

    Not my words, but Nuno on the situation without fans in the ground. Have said this since the restart. Interesting though to hear a manager, and especially our manager, admit this. Can’t help but think this season is nothing more than an extended pre season before we go again properly next year.
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    Chelsea away

    Big couple of nights ahead as we could end up going into this game with Chelsea needling a win, or the flip side they could already be secured of at least 4th. Whilst they looked poor under pressure v Norwich recently, think I would still much prefer to face a Chelsea that’s already qualified...
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    We miss you.
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    Dreaming is for free

    It sure is Nuno. Last 2.5 years just one big dream, really don’t ever want to wake up! These are the days.
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    Sheffield United

    Phenomenal season so far. Just don’t see them fading away. I still think we will finish above them, but they will almost certainly end up top half which, with that squad of players, is an incredible achievement. Chris Wilder has been simply outstanding these past few years. Arguably done a...
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    What a week this could be

    Sitting nicely in sixth in the Prem, the best team in the world coming to Molineux under the lights Thursday (almost certainly undefeated in the league all season) and then a couple of quality additions to come in and help us in our push for Europe and Europa league glory. I for one am feeling...
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    33 years today

    Ironic that whilst today is arguably the pinnacle of where we have been as a club for nigh on 40 years, it’s exactly 33 years to the day this happened.
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