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  1. steve vena

    Covid passports

    If the covid passports need to be shown in the que at molineux before you go in, how can you show this on your NHS app on your smartphone? You can never get a signal before going in to the ground, especially in the Steve Bull anyway. How's that going to work?
  2. steve vena


    Hi guys as I have posted on here about my dad passing away, I just wondered if the club still do the bricks? He'd love that.... I could put his name on it. Thanks again... Steve Venables.
  3. steve vena


    Anybody know what time it opens today?
  4. steve vena

    Wolves cash

    Can I use my ticket cash in the club shop or online? I am season ticket holder and a few times I couldn't go I sold my ticket back to the club. Just wondered. Cheers. Come on you wolves today.
  5. steve vena

    Little man big heart pink boots.

    Jauo moutinho of course. Think this is first time I've started a thread so I'm making this the Jauo appreciation society . Watched him closely all game... What a fabulous footballer. Pure class end of.
  6. steve vena

    Walking sticks.

    Daft queston this but still. As some on here know , my wife is recovering from a stroke and we going to the Waterloo Road parade and the match today. Is it OK to take a walking stick into the mol? She needs it at the moment .
  7. steve vena


    Wonder when we can expect him back realistically? Can't bloody wait.
  8. steve vena

    Membership query

    Me and Mrs vena have joined as members this season. We have been allocated two 5 quid games. ( Sunderland and Burton ) can we swap those choices etc ? Thanks ...up the wolves
  9. steve vena

    All won

    All our rivals won, disappointing we ain't made ground
  10. steve vena

    James Henry

    Watched him closely when he came on. Tell you what hes got some seriously good feet and a terriffic first touch. A fave of mine already and will be very important next season. Oozes quality and seems very hungry.
  11. steve vena

    our midfield three

    I believe our middle three and first choice pics have 20 league goals between them at least. Thats superb aint it? Might be 22?
  12. steve vena

    valentines present

    My wife tricked me yesterday. We got each other a card and had a nice meal at home. We had decided not to get presents as personally its a rip off aint it? Spoke to her on phone while I was at work. "dont go mad got you a tiny present" she said. Couldnt not get her nothing now so got her a box...
  13. steve vena

    4_2_3_1 do some on the mix not understand the game?

    Reading some comments on here and alot of people calling 4-2-3-1 defensive? Its ghe way to go forward, everyone is playing it now worldwide. Please can people who think its defensive read some football coaching books and swat up on tactics . We have started to get it right now and long may it...
  14. steve vena

    Heading for a sellout

    Just got back from tkt office bought two tickets for orient for me and my stepson, first game of season cant wait, had to go in j9 steve bull upper .The guy in ticket office said it could be home sellout the way its going. Loads queing too.
  15. steve vena

    Danielle O'Hara

    Read. today shes on that awful diving show on itv "Splash". Starts next weekend I think. More exposure and wonga for them pahhhhhhh!
  16. steve vena

    200 posts

    comeing up to 2r00 posts only 31000 behind the dewsmeister lol
  17. steve vena

    just a quickie...kj. a swans eye view

    hi guys, i posted something quick on the work in progress about my step son. Essex comented i think aint checked since though, basically my step son is a swabs fanatic, good lad ex army and i told him that swansea get a good reception on here so ive asked to do a thread about kj etc. He came up...
  18. steve vena


    muddy mildred! just seen in the mirror hes going leicester on season long loan. Aint true is it?
  19. steve vena

    I wonder?

    i wonder who these players are tha do want to sign for wolves are that kenny said the other day? In the evening mail was it?
  20. steve vena

    We always seem to do it like this

    Our manager searches always seem to be these sort of affairs, drawn out alot of the time its the same with when we are doing stuff in the transfer market too. I guess with us keeping everything very quiet with what we are doing it makes it worse, especially for the supporters. Hope its davis...
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