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  1. Kashmire Hawker

    TV Fixtures 2022/2023

    The first two fixed for Broadcast, have been confirmed by Prime Video who will be covering the following: Crystal Palace (A): October 18th Everton (A): December 26th
  2. Kashmire Hawker

    Bassini Takeover of Blues

    There are reports that the one-time Chairman of Watford and two-time bankrupted 52-year-old is on the brink of a £27 Million takeover of Birmingham City. West Ham United's David Sullivan is backing his buyout financially, which will need a look at with him being part of The Hammers' ownership...
  3. Kashmire Hawker

    England v Hungary - UEFA Nation's League at Molineux: June 15th, 2022

    Next Tuesday's historic return of The Three Lions to Molineux is just six days away, with England taking on Hungary in the UEFA Nation's League. A Sell-Out crowd is expected, with Gareth Southgate's men looking to respond to Saturday's pitiful defeat in Budapest. Who else here is going? Will...
  4. Kashmire Hawker

    Walsall Takeover

    Entirely out of the blue, Walsall last week had 51% of its shares acquired by Trivela Group LLC, based in Birmingham, Alabama. The new majority shareholders in The Saddlers intend to capture another 25% in the coming two years, alongside a buyout of the Bescot Stadium land...
  5. Kashmire Hawker


    I think this deserves a thread, as Wolves are reportedly taking Legal Action against the 19-year-old after signing a Pre-Contract for July 1st, but he has since agreed to join Arsenal. Things are about to get spicy...
  6. Kashmire Hawker

    Relegated Teams - Anyone to Look at?

    In my usual end of season thread - would there be anyone which you would take a gander at from Burnley, Norwich City and Watford? Can't think of anyone from The Hornets, but Tarkowski from Burnley and Pukki from Norwich City would be two that spring out.
  7. Kashmire Hawker

    Liverpool Verdict

    We gave it a go, looked very decent going forward and on another day, could have won the thing! Lovely goal at the start and it all means 10th Place within a stop-start campaign.
  8. Kashmire Hawker

    Semedo - "My Focus is on Wolves"

    Despite Nelson not starting contract talks with 1 year left on his 3-year deal, our right-back who had an excellent 2nd season before his injury says the following in the Express and Star - of which a full interview will be released next week...
  9. Kashmire Hawker

    Qatar 2022 Referees

    2 Englishmen, Michael Oliver and Anthony Taylor are heading for Qatar. The complete list of English officials at the 2022 FIFA World Cup is as follows: Referees Michael Oliver Anthony Taylor Assistant Referees Simon Bennett (Not the Wolverhampton Conservatives Deputy Leader! :tonguewink:)...
  10. Kashmire Hawker

    Alex Rae at Reading

    Our former Midfielder who was top scorer in 2003/2004's Premier League season, has become Paul Ince's Deputy at Reading. It's the 4th club they've been at as a duo and comes after they kept The Royals in the Championship, including that extraordinary comeback 4-4 draw v Swansea City. Good luck...
  11. Kashmire Hawker

    Blackpool's Jake Daniels Comes Out

    Admin - move / close this if you feel the need: 17-year-old Blackpool forward Jake Daniels has announced he his Gay and becomes the first openly LGBTQIA+ footballer in the UK since the late Justin Fashanu. I am sure everyone wishes Jake all the best, not least with him scoring 30 goals this...
  12. Kashmire Hawker

    Wolves Partner with Football For Future

    On the back of a Wolves 1877 Trust motiton on Sustanability being passed at the Football Supporter's Association AGM 2021, on seeking to push football to become more sustainable more quickly, the club have today announced a partnership with Non-For-Profit Football For All.
  13. Kashmire Hawker

    No Clean Sheet Since MARCH 13TH

    IF THAT stat doesn't make your nerves jingle, I don't know what else will. I know this is a tough League and a game like tonight always had the option of a City fireshow as turned out to be. BUT: our defence has many an answer to give, with tightness being completely burnt out! No clean sheet...
  14. Kashmire Hawker

    City Verdict

    - The Ref is a grey haired **** end - KDB is absolutely insane - Raul is sadly lazy as hell - Pedro needs learn AT TAKING A MAN ON - We need an upgrade on Willy - Leander (despite the goal) need to say adios - No clean sheet in 2 months is inexcusable I hate being negative towards some, but I...
  15. Kashmire Hawker

    Manchester City Pre-Game Thread!

    Game 36 of 38 sees us take on the reigning Champions in Manchester City under the lights at Molineux, in their pursuit of another title v the Red half of Merseyside. Knowing that our games v City at home have been 1-1, 3-2 (in that instant CLASSIC), and 1-3 - we both know where the net is and...
  16. Kashmire Hawker

    Congrats Raul and Daniela!

    They've safely delivered there new boy named Ander yesterday! Congratulations big man and hope this young lad follows in your footsteps!
  17. Kashmire Hawker

    Russian Clubs Excluded from Europe

    UEFA have formally confirmed that no Russian sides, will particpate in Europe for 2022/2023 as a reuslt of the ongoing situation in Ukraine. As a result, the Winner of the Scottish Premiership (More likely than not to be Celtic), will AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFY for the Champions League Group Stages...
  18. Kashmire Hawker

    Bury FC Returns!

    After just over 17 months in Administration and after nearly 2 3/4 years since their explusion from the EFL, Bury Football Club's long awaited Takeover by the Bury Supporters Society has been officially completed! They are using the German Model of ownership and last Sunday saw the the 1st game...
  19. Kashmire Hawker

    YOUR Player of the Season - Who and Why?

    With five games to go, I think it's the perfect time for getting a debate going for who should be in the mix for Player of the Year! In my mind, my top three, in no particular order, would be: Max Kilman - Terrific all campaign; with him quietly getting on with his work, which has rightfully...
  20. Kashmire Hawker

    2022/2023 Memberships

    Memberships now on Sale for 2022/20223, with a £3 price increase to £38 for Non-Members and for those who renew after May 31st. Membership Plus to remain in place https://www.wolves.co.uk/news/club/20220429-202223-memberships-now-on-sale/
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