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    Borderline sackable

    Playing Chiquinho right wing back and having Jonny as RCB cover. Give the young lad a chance. Guardiola’s eyes must have lit up when he saw that selection. Woeful decision
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    Ballot - priority group

    Just to help build a picture of what % of people are in each group and how many didn’t receive an email
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    Sir Bobby Charlton - Dementia

    Diagnoses confirmed by his wife. Can 2020 get any worse?
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    What do you miss more?

    Answers on a postcard, Friday/ Saturday evening games really get the juices going for a night out combined with Molineux under the lights, i’m starting to think the social aspect is more or less equal to actually watching the football. Be interesting to see if anyone feels the same.
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    Rumoured we have mad a ‘big bid’ for him. Wouldn’t hold your breath, mind.
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    Jorge Mendes - tax evasion?

    Could this have wider implications for us? news breaking in Europe that his premises are being searched by police.
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    x3 EL ticket deal

    will season ticket holders still be able to reserve their seat for individual EL home games if we don't buy the 3 game bundle?
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    Laptop & dual monitor screen setup issue

    Had this setup working fine a few weeks back but now when i plug 1 monitor into HDMI and 1 monitor into USB-C on my laptop only the monitor with HDMI connection displays my desktop. (I dont use the laptop screen in this setup, lid remains closed) Under display settings the 2 minors are...
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    Consistently awful. Need demoting
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    Boubakary Soumare

    Anton Toloui on Twitter
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    Scapegoat 2019/2020 season

    We should have this as a yearly occurence I'll go with MGW and Wallace if he signs. Thoughts?
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    Moise Kean

    Again Sky Italia
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    Sami Khedira

    Sky Italia
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    Being linked in Portugal as Wolves 'top priority' Yes please!
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    New router

    Morning all Finally had enough of Sky's standard router. It's complete dog****. So i'm after a third party router. Needs to be <£100 preferably £70ish. Anyone got any recommendations? Needs to be dual band. VPN supported preferable. Will be running 10+ devices at one team and we are heavy...
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    Juventus shortlist Nuno?

    So is the rumour? Juve have strong ties with Mendes...
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    First time seeing Wolves at Wembley

    i'm 26. First time i will see Wolves at Wembley in a meaningful cup game. First-time i will see Wolves at Wembley ever. So proud. Love this club. This achievement should not be underestimated. Thousands are in the same position as me.
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    The Premier League - The Netflix of Football?

    Very interesting argument put forward by Simon Jordan. It's the way it's going. They should be looking at something like this now. talkSPORT on Twitter
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    Should the Premier League be levied?

    With the money going to the FA to be spent on grass roots/ the EFL? i have seen Mr. Bernstein suggesting as much as a 20% levy with all of it going to the FA. Would you support 20% of our TV income going to the FA? personally from the fall out of the Wembley none sale i would as long as the...
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    Moon Under Water

    Being fully refurbed and potentially expanded into O'Connell's next door. Hotel above is also planned Much needed space on a matchday!
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