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  1. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    Jackett, Ricketts and Murray at The Cleveland Arms

    A few people asked me to give a summary of tonight’s speaking event at the Cleveland Arms. It was an enjoyable evening and, as no one will be surprised to hear, Kenny Jackett is an absolute gentleman. Murray is a good compare and Ricketts came across well but it seems he has less enthusiasm...
  2. Mark Rankines Lovechild


    After yet another final chance I see Enobakhare (sorry if spelt wrong) seems to have been released by the Israeli club he joined in January due to missing training and drink driving. Wasted talent at 24.
  3. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    Top goal scoring teams 2022

    In 2022 only Liverpool and Tottenham have scored more goals than wolves. My son has just told me this - I cant quite believe it. 2️⃣9️⃣ @SpursOfficial 2️⃣7️⃣ Liverpool 2️⃣0️⃣ Wolves 1️⃣9️⃣ Man City 1️⃣9️⃣ Man Utd
  4. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    Fair play to Wolves

    Just got home to find a letter from Wolves apologising for the closure of NU1 against Leicester and that everyone affected will be getting a voucher for a free Home shirt.
  5. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    Lage on “How we score goals”

    Think he wants more players.
  6. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    No apologies….I’m posting this again.

    A spine tingling and emotional now as it was when I first posted a few years back. We really have been blessed. If anyone hasnt seen this then enjoy..(or enjoy it all over again)
  7. Mark Rankines Lovechild


    Translated from a Belgian article…
  8. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    Renato Sanches (Lille)

    Coming on loan according to Talksport
  9. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    Spot the Difference

    A Tweet uploaded by the club then quickly deleted .....can you spot the mistake?
  10. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    Loyalty Cash

    Has anyone else found that their Loyalty cash has disappeared despite not spending anything? Two weeks ago I had £6 which all of a sudden has re-set to zero. As I have recently spent a decent amount on shirts, I emailed the club to make sure I will get the loyalty cash for them. I have...
  11. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    Las Palmas game moved to 6pm

    What it says above …… https://www.wolves.co.uk/news/club/20210724-stream-las-palmas-match-on-wolves-tv-and-facebook/
  12. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    25% off and free shipping on our home and away shirts from kitbag - limited time

    Decent offer to get our home and away shirts for £41 each https://www.kitbag.com/en/premier-league/wolverhampton-wanderers/football-kits/o-10530440+t-43739979+d-6716004+z-9-1298211251 save yourselves the thick end of £20 ! use discount code: WINNER at checkout
  13. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    Burnt out, Tired or maybe getting complacent?

    I am worried about saying this but..are the players burnt out / tired or is it complacency or even a slight lack of desire? I am worried that Nuno is even having to say we lack speed / tempo, not making runs / turns we should and we need to get on the training pitch. For the first two seasons...
  14. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    Dadashov - injured

    Cruciate ligament injury playing for Grasshoppers according to Tim Spiers.
  15. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    In tough times, let’s recall a masterpiece.....

    Enjoy...I know I will
  16. Mark Rankines Lovechild


    is it just the Billy Wright Lower or is the choice / availability of food worse this season since we have had the new caterers. On offer today sausage roll or pies. No burgers, hot dogs, the wraps (Although advertised) I have never seen) No crisps chocolate. I can’t decide if the queues have...
  17. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    Hi Ho Silver Lining.......

    Was notable by its absence at the start of the game and half time.....has it seen it last?
  18. Mark Rankines Lovechild

    Fulham v Wolves.....for those not going

    Will be free to view on Sky one..... no need for a Sky Sports subscription (one of three free to view games)
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