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  1. inaglasshouse

    Where do you think we'll finish next season?

    And 2 for Moutinho and 1 for Donk
  2. inaglasshouse

    Your last exciting transfer

    Yes would be mine too. I posted his picture on Facebook, so proud we had signed a 35m player. Didn't know anything about him, his video was unconvincing but Logic told me he must be really special to bust the budget like that. Maybe he is and hopefully we will see it sooner rather than later.
  3. inaglasshouse

    one wish for next season

    Traore comes back more determined and greasier than ever.
  4. inaglasshouse

    one wish for next season

    Only the bottom 3 scored less, so plenty of teams with relegation worries at some point scored those extra goals. It's pointless scoring more if you dont pick up points. This season will be a massive gamble if Bruno changes our strategy, particularly if we lose the heart of our team in Neves and...
  5. inaglasshouse

    Non-Wolves Transfers (Summer Transfers 2022)

    that moves been in the shadows for a while
  6. inaglasshouse

    Season Ticket Prices /Relocation/New STs

    I've renewed my two. You can stop with the big transfer rumours now and get on with flogging Ruben and Morgan.
  7. inaglasshouse


    Letting MGW go on loan after an impressive pre-season. To compound the error he will probably now be sold to Forest for 20m instead of 35m because he is not Portuguese and therefore not a wonder kid. Instead of offering a contract he is unlikely to sign they should state he's not for sale, lay...
  8. inaglasshouse

    Blues... In the mire...

    If you're unlucky enough to be a working class Brummie from the inner city then the Blues should be your club, not the Villa. AV fans tend to live in the suburbs and are usually arrogant ******s. For that reason I hope they survive, but not prosper.
  9. inaglasshouse


    Parting company with Nuno. Could have easily made Europe again this season.
  10. inaglasshouse

    Ben Foster?

    He could definitely do a job for us. We need to expand into new markets. Apparently we hardly sell any season tickets in Smethwick for example. Failing that maybe there are other jobs you can think of?
  11. inaglasshouse

    Today’s games - 2021-22

    By my reckoning we won 5-1-1-0 today. Well that was the shirt count for Wolves, Villa, Blues and Albion at Barry Island. Great to see such a great turnout in the South Wales sunshine.
  12. inaglasshouse

    Ask Wolves

    I get all that Jeff says with the long term corporate strategy providing stability and safety for the investment. But I can't help thinking they are taking our survival for granted, based on previous results. Its not a corporation in that sense, it means nothing in football. We start with zero...
  13. inaglasshouse

    Rumours from the pub

    Yes I'm sure you're right and Bruno did say he wanted them in early. I guess pre season starts near the start of July this year. Should be a very busy June.
  14. inaglasshouse

    Latest Deloitte report

    We are doing well financially, thank you Fosun. Talking of money it's a shame they could not ease the burden on ordinary fans. I guess it must be difficult to appreciate the difference that it might make from so far away and that it may actually have financial benefits by keeping more existing...
  15. inaglasshouse

    Joao Moutinho Surely Deserves a New 1 or 2 year Contract

    Can't see him staying. Big shame we didnt give him a proper send off. Most influential player of the Fosun era. Let down by poor recruitment in the end, I think it's about winning for him and we haven't looked like winning for 3 months because we just haven't had the squad.
  16. inaglasshouse

    Joao Moutinho Surely Deserves a New 1 or 2 year Contract

    Don't know enough about his personality to say if he is coach material. As a player, definitely worth keeping. If that requires a two year deal then so be it. A bird in the hand ..
  17. inaglasshouse


    Experienced, quality players in Neves, Moutinho, Saiss, Traore and Raul may not be here. Those are all big boots to fill IMO and the exodus of fans favourites may be catastrophic. In the plus side we should see mgw, a fit Neto, more of chiquino and maybe one or two others with potential return...
  18. inaglasshouse

    Consider this...

    It's tempting to subscribe to this line but look at quality they have bought as well as the strange deals. Even this season with Sa, he is undoubtedly a top keeper, possibly the best in living memory.
  19. inaglasshouse

    Rumours from the pub

    People still go to pubs?
  20. inaglasshouse

    Season Ticket Prices /Relocation/New STs

    What makes it worse is you know we will make big profit on players this summer, Only a very small percentage of that could have been used to hold prices, acknowledging the difficult situation many fans find themselves in. We are now the golden tit not the owners.
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