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  1. Pagey

    Vaccine proof

    Just received email from club, stating possible restrictions for those not double vaccinated if government enforce.
  2. Pagey

    Who said women's football was boring?

  3. Pagey

    Super league

    Reports all over the media 5 of the big 6 have signed up. Surprisingly not United.
  4. Pagey

    It's Big Willys, 30th Birthday

    What a way to celebrate, with 3 points last night. Have a great day. Looks like he's returning to form too, an absolute Rolls Royce of a defender, on his day as good/better than the majority in the Premier. You've served us brilliantly, now can you confirm you signed that contract?
  5. Pagey

    Well done wolves

    Just like to pass on our gratitude to the Wolves. Kids, who are normally season ticket holders, came home today to find a parcel each from the Wolves. Inside they found a Christmas card, badge and wireless earphones. Something wolves didn't have to do, as we haven't any tickets/new memberships...
  6. Pagey

    Happy Birthday Nelson!

    A friend has asked me to wish Mr Semedo many happy returns for today. I hope its the first of many at Wolves and who knows maybe we'll have to erect our own column outside Molineux, one day. So i hope you have good un. Happy birthday young man.
  7. Pagey

    Club sponsors

    I Will never moan about manbet again :)
  8. Pagey

    Our player of the season.

    Just a bit of fun, to see who mixers think is our best player over the course of the season. Was only allowed 10 options, so controversially left Dendonker off the list :(. Can always comment if wish to vote for him. Edited to add and Jota :oops:
  9. Pagey

    Football writers player of the season

    Heard this morning that Jordan Henderson has been named the football writers player of the season. Im not trying to slate him, but has his season been that good? I know he captained Liverpool to the title and has been consistent all year, but surely others have been better all year. For me...
  10. Pagey

    Competition integrity?

    Surely this season 19/20 will go down as the most controversial ever? Var will be ammended during the season, meaning decisions/results will be different. Liverpool being made to play the day before their world club championship game, in the caribou forces their hand in which players are going...
  11. Pagey

    Jack Rodwell

    Just read hes having a medical at Roma, ****ing Roma!!!!! How the hell he pull that one out the bag? Any kids out there, half average, half hearted and dont mind stealing a living, get in touch with his agent- because he's ****ing unbelievably good at his job.
  12. Pagey

    Liverpool carabou cup cheats

    Just heard that after Liverpool fielded an illegible player last week, the powers that be, have decided to fine them a mere 200k, with half suspended. They were obviously not going to kick them out, but 100k? Its peanuts, less than most their players weekly wage.
  13. Pagey

    Only us?

    Ive been sitting back and reading all the threads since the Everton result, and to be honest i can't believe some of the tripe ive been reading. Transfer window?, Formation?, Forget Europa, ditch the caribou, win the caribou cup? Long throw ins? Etc. Is it only Wolves fans that react in such...
  14. Pagey

    Mouthino 50up

    Cant believe hes playing for Wolves, he just exudes class on and off the pitch. Ive Mentioned before my young daughter met him in the mander centre, during a signing/photo session, and got a little nervous. He talked to her and took the time to make her feel comfortable, making her feel 20 feet...
  15. Pagey

    Help Needed

    A few years ago, against my advice, my daughter married a villa fan. Hes a decent lad and over the years i have semi converted him to follow Wolves, and he attends the odd game. The problem is his family are also massive villa fans. This has been ok upto now, and we usually exchange a bit of...
  16. Pagey

    Disabled parking

    I recieved an email today from wolves, about a ballot for availability for disabled parking in the Stan Cullis carpark. Although i have a disabled child, i have not used the carpark due to needing to get away after games, fairly quickly. However, the email states that for anyone to use the...
  17. Pagey

    Match Fixing

    Leeds player, Saiz, arrested in match fixing scandal in spain, unsure how to share link
  18. Pagey

    England national team

    To save taking over villa thread, just wondered who you thought was A-worst ever (in living memory)play to play for England B-Best English player(in living memory)not to get a cap for England I'll start with A- Dave Bentley B- Steve Bruce
  19. Pagey

    Wifi at Molineux

    As title suggests, would just like to see if its a generational thing, personally think it would make atmosphere worse, but would like to see/hear others views
  20. Pagey

    Early Bird Bonus

    Had an email off club today saying my "early bird bonus expires on 4/1" Anybody got any idea?
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