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  1. Bostin

    MISSED OPPORTUNITIES (Transfer discussions)

    Nobody on here has a clue what opportunities we have missed. Most links we read about in the paper are an agents way of raising interest in their player. We probably got linked with Enzo to force his deal with Benfica over the line. People on here seem to fall for it every time, then use it...
  2. Bostin

    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    What an absolute ****-fest.
  3. Bostin

    Summer Transfer Window 2022.

    Does that make Jeff Shi Grandmaster Sexay?? Vinny - Rikishi?
  4. Bostin

    Today’s games - 2021-22

    It’s a pointless friendly that none of the players want to play in, at the end of a long season. It’s the equivalent of us losing 6-0 to Morecambe in preseason. Let them all bugger off on holiday ffs
  5. Bostin

    England v Hungary - UEFA Nation's League at Molineux: June 15th, 2022

    Are people really that bothered? It’s a bloody friendly.
  6. Bostin

    England v Hungary - UEFA Nation's League at Molineux: June 15th, 2022

    The players don’t want to play, they’d rather be on holiday
  7. Bostin

    Today’s games - 2021-22

    I wonder if the north bank will empty at 80 minutes
  8. Bostin

    Today’s games - 2021-22

    The scoreboard operator at Molineux is the most overpaid bloke ever. No bugger ever scores there. It’s cursed.
  9. Bostin

    No More Spiers

    Never as bad as the keyboard warriors made out. Always enjoyed the tone of his matchday tweets.
  10. Bostin

    England v Hungary - UEFA Nation's League at Molineux: June 15th, 2022

    Were you the one who left the sandwiches/bomb unattended?!
  11. Bostin

    Realistic sale fees

    There is no way we’re getting £50m for Neves. It’ll be more like £30-£35m.
  12. Bostin

    Fosun out?

    All this talk of Wolves being on the stock exchange, eSports, record labels, increased revenue….. I honestly couldn’t give a ****. I want to rock up on a Saturday afternoon and watch the team play some half decent football. Fans want to feel some sort of connection with the club, and all...
  13. Bostin

    Neves x 200

    I have a funny feeling he will end up at Liverpool.
  14. Bostin

    Please don’t sign Hwang

    Lost the ball by trying stupid flicks. Missed a one on one. Doesn’t do the basics well. Reminds me of MGW when he was ****! Trying too hard.
  15. Bostin

    Raul Jimenez next season

    Thought he was great today. **** pass to Hwang to make it 1-2, mind!
  16. Bostin

    Liverpool Verdict

    Played without fear. Would’ve won if Neto was on the pitch. Someone book Hwang a flight out of here.
  17. Bostin

    Raul Jimenez next season

    Watching Newcastle the other night and the transformation of Joelinton, I wonder whether there’s scope to turn Raul into an attacking midfielder? They have similar characteristics. Raul is better with the ball at his feet, can shoot, naturally drops deep anyway and is rarely in the 6 yard box...
  18. Bostin


    If nothing else, a manager of his standing would certainly help attract high calibre players.
  19. Bostin

    Neves x 200

    Why do we need €60m?? Can’t we loan him to Barca for free for a year with no obligation to buy? That’s good business sense, right?
  20. Bostin

    Neves x 200

    Imagine if he’d had Renato Sanches alongside him this season instead of Dendoncker. Massive missed opportunity
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