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  1. RMNottm

    Can anyone explain clearly where we are heading ?

    I think it was front and centre they mention brand based on the wolf which was a thing china. Esports were well on investors radar jyst how to monetise them.
  2. RMNottm

    Southgate - In or Out?

    Shocking as the performance was i hate knee jerk reactions. It is through adversity that we learn and grow. Which is why the West is [email protected]@ed as it knee jerks or twerks to everything.
  3. RMNottm

    Thelwell and Dalrymple

    We seem to have lost some "connection". Then again it is easy to spend a few grand on beers and discuss grand plans but delivery is the challenge. As for transfers I tend to disagree. if we are to do well we have to do something different from the pack beyond the sky six. Youth and up and...
  4. RMNottm

    Predict one change or innovation in football 10 years from now

    If beats VAR infested joy killing and is abit more honest in its objectives - bread and circuses.
  5. RMNottm

    Non Profit Community Football Club

    I answered it. At the top level this is billion pound industry do you think a community non profit is the way forward
  6. RMNottm

    Non Profit Community Football Club

    It is up to you pay up or give it up. Could transfers be better - Yes Could match day experience be better - yes Are Fosun going to cream off PROFIT - yes Could it be worst - yes Is a community non profit the answer almost certainly - NO
  7. RMNottm

    Today’s games - 2021-22

    Thought he was offside
  8. RMNottm


    Buying Wolverhamoton
  9. RMNottm

    Its our club

    Have say i do not agree with this at all. Jeff is in place to run the business and football is a business. I have brought kits for the kids as they are in to it. I have had two kits in my 56 years. I engage with the commercial side as much i want. As you say the football has not been great. I...
  10. RMNottm

    Stadium Plans

    Buy quality buy once ;)
  11. RMNottm

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    When he played in the Prem when did look lost? I watch a fair few games with in at Sheff Utd and he was targeted. This guy is quality now at 22. I would sell podance and play MGW. If we do sell him sell to Forest cheapish with a big re sell clause. We will not be too salty then in four years...
  12. RMNottm

    Poll - Watch Jeff Shi's interview and vote !

    But if there is no other income streams there no money anyway. That means disaster. Fosun are clear the revenue to grow Wolves have to be generated by Wloves (which nicely meet Finance rules) not a bad plan once those revenues trickle in. Fosun will not lose money but will invest sounds good...
  13. RMNottm

    Things I care about more than eSports:

    Confession Time. I have found watching my son playing FIFA more enjoyable than watching Wolves and it does not involve a 160 mile round trip! If it contributes to sorting out the excitement on the pitch bring it on!
  14. RMNottm

    Liverpool v Wolves comms thread.

    Cannot be offside from goal kick
  15. RMNottm

    Liverpool v Wolves comms thread.

    He said it in the context of the game not with malice
  16. RMNottm

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    Solid championship! He was standout. Had to play cf due injuries. Welcome football league based cast system; once there you can never lose the label.
  17. RMNottm

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    And that is the last lesson of the loan. Perfect, he is back on earth.
  18. RMNottm

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    If true cannot blame him. Bring vitiinho in for experience when he needed it!
  19. RMNottm

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    If true cannot blame him. Bring vitiinho in for experience when he needed it!
  20. RMNottm

    Morgan Gibbs-White

    He was always quality, young players develop he will get better and better the question is what is the ceiling
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