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  1. inaglasshouse

    Wolves Credit Card

    I got the wolves credit card last year to buy my season ticket and spread the cost interest free. Does anyone know if I can buy this year's on it interest free? I'm guessing someone will have checked with them or know the detail for sure to save me a phone call.
  2. inaglasshouse

    Top 4

    Ok, I have picked a sweet spot but from game week 15 to 37, i.e. now, we are 4th. From week 1 to 14 we were 12th, so it could be said once we found out feet, we are top 4. Bodes well doesn't it.
  3. inaglasshouse

    Smouldering Nuno

    Jeez if I wasn't a stridently hetrosexual male I might be tempted ..
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