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  1. Bostin

    Wolves Cash

    Reminder to everyone to use your wolves cash before Friday’s deadline. I’ve just come to purchase tickets for Sheff Utd using mine, only to find that it can only be used for home Prem games!!! (No use to a season ticket holder then is it Vinny!!) So I’ve either got to buy some tat from the...
  2. Bostin


    What’s Bruno’s aversion to making any?! Get some fresh legs on and give the opposition something else to think about FFS. Is he making a point to Jeff by putting 2 keepers on the bench when kids could be earring matchday experience? I’ve seen both Leeds and Everton play their kids recently...
  3. Bostin

    The impact of having no fans in the ground

    This is by no means an excuse for the current performances, management and results. Put the tactics, team selection, recruitment etc aside for a minute. And yes I realise it’s the same for all teams, HOWEVER the lack of fans in the ground has had a massive impact on teams this season...
  4. Bostin

    Club Shop - Black Friday

    Not seen this posted anywhere on here. Had an email to say the club shop has different offers each day this week (20% off leisurewear today, 15% off kits and free printing on Thursday etc), but if you wait until Friday they have 20% off everything and a free mug! Decent offer if you need a...
  5. Bostin

    Steve Sidwell

    Came across and interesting video from Steve Sidwell where he goes into detail about how he nearly joined us.
  6. Bostin

    Steve Bull Upper - Half Time

    This has been raised countless times but enough is enough, it needs to be sorted. I very rarely buy anything from the kiosks but today I desperately needed a drink of water at half time. I got in the queue as the whistle went and by the time the second half was kicking off, no more than 10...
  7. Bostin

    Profits and losses

    There are often threads on how much the squad is worth, with wild figures plucked from the air by over enthusiastic mixers. With Fosun being an investment company, you'd expect most (not all) signings to be brought with a view to making a profit / breaking even if we sell. Some may have been...
  8. Bostin

    Pitch Sizes

    Had a random thought this afternoon and wondered how our pitch size compared to other PL teams. I was surprised to see that ours is the smallest! Given that Coady and Neves like a raking pass, and switching play is a hallmark of our game it's even more surprising. Brighton, Huddersfield and...
  9. Bostin

    Is there a fire drill?

    Who's been setting off alarms in the Mount Hotel then? :D Manchester United received rude awakening after hotel fire alarm went off twice before Wolves defeat | Daily Mail Online
  10. Bostin

    Half time entertainment

    Im sure I’m not the only one who thought it was incredibly heart warming seeing those lads on the pitch at half time. Crowd involvement was fantastic and must have made it for them. That bloke who mocked the Cardiff fans when he scored by doing the ayatollah is my new hero. What a lad! :D The...
  11. Bostin

    Antonio Valencia

    Leaving United in the summer to pursue first team action. Most likely go to China but if he still has the desire to play in this country he would be a fantastic back up / upgrade to Doc. Antonio Valencia: Manchester United captain set to leave club in summer Has been out for a lot of this...
  12. Bostin

    Pre Match Curry

    Feel the need to warm the cockles pre-match, is there anywhere in town other than Mr Tikka who does a takeaway curry in a tray? I know of the Dilshad, Bilash and Jivans. Not sure they’d do it though. Is that Jack’s bar any good for that? Don’t fancy walking round Wolverhampton with foil...
  13. Bostin

    Lack of a Plan B

    While it’s admirable that Nuno wants to stick to the same formation and style of play I do find it incredibly annoying that he refuses to change the system when chasing a game. Against Watford it was obvious that they’d done their homework on our deep lying midfielders and countered that by...
  14. Bostin

    Rod Stewart

    Playing Molineux next summer, I’ll be ‘sailing’ into my seat in J6!! Hope this doesn’t ruin the pitch like that bloody Bon Jovi gig did :eek:
  15. Bostin

    Signed Memorabilia

    Has anyone noticed the opportunistic supposed ‘Wolves fan’ on Facebook supporter groups advertising signed memorabilia? They are effectively taking orders, i.e buying a shirts with a players name on the back and getting it signed by said player then making a profit. Doesn’t sit right with me...
  16. Bostin

    The Cavaleiro Effect

    I think we are seriously missing him. He is the one player (pre Traore) who carries the ball and runs directly at the opposition. I also think it’s no coincidence that Costa and Jota have suffered a downturn in form since he’s been out of the team. Playing as a front 3, those 3 were really...
  17. Bostin

    Team Spirit

    With everyone clamouring for new signings, we’d do well to remember that our title winning season was built on team spirit as much as it was ability. Of course we will upgrade in the crucial positions, but we’ve lost Afobe, and now potentially Cavaleiro. Ruddy has been replaced, Alf, Bonatini...
  18. Bostin

    Virtual Reality Football?

    No doubt that there have been some serious advances in the use of technology within football over the years. There’s obviously been VAR and goal line technology within the last few years. Sky have trialled various things over the years, players cam, fan zone etc. It got me thinking where will...
  19. Bostin

    John de Wolf

    Was at the game today, can’t believe they didn’t get him on the pitch!
  20. Bostin

    Fire Drill

    Walked past about 5000 north bankers(!) congregated on Adsa car park waiting for a marshall in a high vis and a clipboard to escort them back in. I don’t want to moan today, but Jesus Christ what is the matter with people leaving early? I’m not talking 5 minutes, I’m talking 10 and 15 minutes...
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