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  1. wallace

    I am a legacy fan - yes I am a legacy fan - are you ?

    Being a legacy fan basically means your an old git who has supported the Wolves for years. I've been supporting since the 1950s as a kid when dad listened to the sports reports as he checked his coupon and I was hooked making my 250 mile round trips as soon as i was able to get to the Molineux...
  2. wallace

    Let’s look at the positives

    Fosun have taken the club from a very ordinary championship side to a midtable premiership club without spending stupid amounts of cash while the likes of Everton and Villa have been spending huge amounts to scrap around in the lower places of our league. Now the players that got us there are...
  3. wallace

    Who are we retaining (and then gaps)

    If we are left with that selection I reckon we would need 9 more players of quality to be competitive in the premiership.
  4. wallace

    Verdict Season: 21/22.

    FInished 10th due to tbe team Nuno assembled and trained into good habits but that is breaking up now for a new era of playing staff. I fail to see Bruno being a top manager more a good assistant. Fosun seem reluctant to build on our previous seasons with a few limited signings rather than...
  5. wallace

    Liverpool Verdict

    We bring on hwang, why he looked lost, falls over, couldn't pass, couldn't control the ball or make the correct runs, that has been his form for weeks. Silva reads the game better but was left on the bench. When neto was on we looked capable of getting something, neves was superb in midfield, I...
  6. wallace

    Finishing refereeing

    The most difficult thing in fiotball
  7. wallace

    Finishing refereeing

    Being an ex ref you obviously know little about the game or laws as in "you don't know what your doing"
  8. wallace

    Staying @ Wolves - Traore or Trincao or Barca / Sporting Swap Deals??

    Thing is adama doesn't want to be at Wolves we are told so let's get some money for him. Trincao has the capability to unlock defences but seems a mood player, i would like to have him in the squad next season and hope he has now settled in the requirements of our league. With the possibility of...
  9. wallace

    Verdict Thread (For what it's worth)

    Typical end of season with nothing to play for game we had no shape and an uncanny ability to pass the ball to anybody but our own team mates. The last 10 or so matches have been flat with most parts of the team underperforming.
  10. wallace

    Wolves v Norwich comms thread.

    Looks like the whole set up has fallen apart as nobody is playing for the club absolute indifference all over the pitch.
  11. wallace

    City Verdict

    Don't know why we chose to alter our defence tonight with the back four looking like it was open day for visitors or why the midfield went missing all match as de bryne was given the freedom of the city. Up top neto, jimenez and chiqueno looked promising for next season. City are the form team...
  12. wallace


    Chico and neto on either wing could revive jimenez form if they can put crosses in like today. Pleased for conor who made a right ricket for their 2nd to come steaming in to grab the equaliser. The confidence of us scoring our1st goal transformed us enough to put Chelsea on the rack at the end...
  13. wallace

    Bruno- stay or out?

    Bruno isn't an experienced manager his one achievement is a season of huge success with Benfica, the following season results turned bad for him and he quit his position at the club. The rest of his time has been as a coach or assistant manager at several clubs so he may feel out of his depth at...
  14. wallace

    Brighton Verdict

    Can we have some professional football staff to rebuild the squad for next season rather than the Sellars mob. We are finishing in a good position for the players we have and credit for that but I don't think we have been improved this term as was the objective when bringing in Bruno who seems...
  15. wallace

    Wolves v Brighton comms thread.

    Must be the worst performance since we got back in the premiership. Nunos team towards the end of last season was bad but he could point to several bad injuries restricting the football quality but Brunos side has brought us to a new low. Neto was the only one that looked to put any effort into...
  16. wallace

    Burnley verdict thread

    Didnt look like a team with any ambition , neat and tidy for most of the match but with no urgency to play at pace to pressure the opposition. Without Neves , Podence and Neto not up to match speed we had nobody to give us the touch of magic that makes the difference in these games. Silva looked...
  17. wallace

    Villa Verdict

    A masterclass from mortinho in midfield. Silva worked his socks off in a top rate performance only spoiled by a referee who gave a penalty when the Villa player lunged after the ball and collided with Sa and the VAR official didn't correct what was a clear and obvious error. The ref wasn't able...
  18. wallace

    Wolves V Veeeeeeelllllla Predictions

    This will show what strength we have in depth as a squad against a middle of the table Aston Villa. We have a lot of negative comments on here to cheer on the lads but at home in a local derby and a molineux crowd at full throttle it should be a rip roaring game so who will be our hero tomorrow?
  19. wallace

    Harry Maguire (To boo or not to boo.)

    It's about the mentality of the perpetrators who have no respect toward another human being and vent their personal frustrations out in such a childish manner.
  20. wallace

    Leeds Verdict

    For us oldies really but if ever a situation needed a captain like Mike Bailey last night was it. Bruno was a rabbit in the headlights as he failed to close the match down after the sending off, he isn't new to English football so it shouldn't have been a surprise when Leeds went at us as they...
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