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  1. Kingswood Wolf

    Things I care about more than eSports:

    1. Socks 2. The colour grey 3. Gravy
  2. Kingswood Wolf

    Will we score against Brighton?

    I've been on the grown-up pop, but I'm serious with this.... ... .. . Plus I've never done a poll.... ... .. . But also we really need to score a ****ing goal. I'm actually really interested to see what you lot think.
  3. Kingswood Wolf

    Mark McGhee (not dead)

    International week, yawn. I would love a bit of 'remember when' about the McGhee era as I was only 7 and don't recall much... Were you happy when he was linked/came in? Especially when Leicester then went and got Martin O'Neill... and went up... and won a cup :( What about the dross he...
  4. Kingswood Wolf

    A (footballing) warning from history

    If you Google the Premier League table for season 2009/2010, you will find only seven of the teams in it have not been relegated since, the 'Big 6' and Everton. Everyone else, all 13 of them, plus others I am sure since (hello Blackpool et al) have been relegated - many never to be seen again...
  5. Kingswood Wolf

    Honouring Turner?

    All the hot air around Rooney got me thinking about how Wolves honour their greats. Wright, Cullis, Hayward, Bull/Ireland (questionable) and Harris (deserved, imo) have all been honoured/remembered in various ways. So who's next? Maybe one of the great players of the 50s or 70s? Well as the...
  6. Kingswood Wolf

    Are we perhaps a little too wedded to our 'style'?

    We all know we play the same way, regardless of opposition and it's terrific and it's serving us very, very well. I think we played really well against both Brighton and Spurs, correcting the performance (if not result) against Watford. We've just got to iron out the errors and we'll be back to...
  7. Kingswood Wolf

    10,000th discussion!

    Well done Mol Mix! Here’s to 10K more! Do I win a commemorative plate?
  8. Kingswood Wolf

    McIndoe Autobiograhy

    http://bullsnews.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/wildling-michael-mcindoes-autobiography.html Anyone on here going to do the honours and give this waste of paper a read? How can he talk about the (alleged) fraud if the investigation is on-going?
  9. Kingswood Wolf

    A bit of help required re. 1988/89 Wolves shirts

    This should probably be in the O/T forum but I'm an absolute nutter, me. Does anyone have the rare-as-a-Paul-Lambert-smile white / away shirt from 1988/1989? It's Scoreline, Manders Paint & Ink etc. There's a few photos of it on Google images, but not many, and not in enough detail for what I...
  10. Kingswood Wolf

    Bristol City Prediction Thread

    My second nearest league game, so I'm actually able to go to this. Much prefer The Gas, frankly. Wolves top of the recent form league. Bristol contemplating sacking Johnson Jnr. They're abysmal away, we're great away. They're okay at home (tonked Huddersfield recently.) They'd be relegated but...
  11. Kingswood Wolf

    14 games each - Lambert vs Zenga

    Mr Paul Lambert: P14 W5 D3 L6 GF19 GA20 GD -1 Win % 35.7 Mr Walter Zenga: P14 W4 D4 L6 GF16 GA17 GD -1 Win % 28.57 That extra win for Lambert giving his win % an undeserved veneer. FA Cup massively papering over the cracks. Taxi for Lambert.
  12. Kingswood Wolf

    Three BIG games to come...

    'Boro (H) - oh dear Blues (A) - Robinson to nobble Afobe? Bristol City (A) - the biggest of the three for me. And then we've got Burnley and Ipswich. Could be a long autumn, considering Kenny just got out-thought by the footballing genius that is Lee Carsley.
  13. Kingswood Wolf

    Martial/[email protected]/Afobe/???

    Interesting to compare how Afobe has done with & without Dicko ie. pace playing around him. Earlier in the season Rooney looked done. However, get some support for him and chiefly some pace & suddenly he looks golden again. A good no. 10, if you will. Seems similar to a problem we have...
  14. Kingswood Wolf

    Bournemouth/Don't Panic Thread

    Last year they started well, with two wins and a +5 GD. Then they only won one in eight, an horrendous run that went through to October. Then we all know what happened (and they got to 90 points). Imagine how many would be calling for Big Sam if we don't win again until October! Don't panic!
  15. Kingswood Wolf


    Depending on when today's game gets re-arranged for, we could end up having NINE games in March! I'm not even mad, that's amazing.
  16. Kingswood Wolf

    Vs. Gillingham: team talk done!

    'Mad Dog' Martin Allen having an (indirect) dig at us I reckon: link I look forward to them 'smashing' us at Molineux... I have a decade-long hatred for Allen - hopefully we can put four past them and shut his cake hole.
  17. Kingswood Wolf

    Highly scientific research...

    This is award winning stuff, brace yourselves: If you Google 'Dean Saunders hard work graft' you get 405,000 results. If you Google 'Mick McCarthy hard work graft' you get 323,000 results. If you Google 'Gus Poyet hard work graft' you get 5,150 results. Science.
  18. Kingswood Wolf

    I'm no happy-clapper but...

    In the last 15 years 'big' teams have gone down to Division 3/League One. It's not arrogant to say we are now one of those. This list includes (in no order): Manchester City; Sheffield United; Sheffield Wednesday; Leeds; Southampton; Norwich; Leicester and Forest. It also includes some...
  19. Kingswood Wolf

    Middlesbrough Predictions

    Couldn't find one, it's Monday, so here goes... They have won 2 since New Year and haven't won away since December 8th. So on paper, this is a Wolves win. :eek: Melton hates us so I will go for a 1-1 draw.
  20. Kingswood Wolf

    48 out of 49 questions answered...

    The one question not discussed was about Saunders. So we don't know if he's being 100% backed or if there's a limit to what he can serve up until he's chopped. I wasn't expecting Morgan to say 'he's got two games' or 'six points from the next 4 games or else' but I was expecting...
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