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  1. RMNottm

    Match Vision on Wolves Site

    Anyone know when this popped up? It looks great. I hope [e they keep it up. https://myhighlights.wolves.co.uk/
  2. RMNottm

    Should governments legislate to null and void the contracts of players and managers at break away clubs.

    I am interested in our sentiments regarding the position the players and managers are in. My view is- kick out these clubs out at the end of the season. The breakaway clubs are banned from FA, UEFA, FIFA competitions. Therefore, If you are player or manager at those clubs which are ejected...
  3. RMNottm

    The Really Reason We Miss Raul- GD with -1: without -8.

    We need a another striker yes, okay, fine. But lets be clear and honest- THAT IS NOT THE PROBLEM It is simply we make too many individual mistakes and ship goals to easily. We know VAR decisions will not help us it is not relevant if the mistakes are not made. Lay off the attackers, they are...
  4. RMNottm

    Why not many restaurants open today (Sunday)!

    Does anyone know why so many restaurants were not open today; did they not know there was a game on? Would people go?
  5. RMNottm

    Chinese Fans Keen to Reinforce Fosun Strategy

    I had a very pleasant chat with a chinese fan who claimed to know and have met (strange words) Guo Guangchang. He was keen to emphasis Fosun are in it to win it and the biggest club is a goal. Very on message whichI am pretty keen to buy into considering where we were before they gcame in...
  6. RMNottm

    On Wiki Pape Abou Cissé (born 14 September 1995) is a Senegalese footballer who plays as a defender

    I hope no body on here edited this as a joke! Pape Abou Cissé - Wikipedia
  7. RMNottm

    New or Up and Coming Defenders

    The area of our team where we currently seem vulnerable (part from the constant striker) in the next few years for me is defence. the two Bs of BCB are 28+ and what cover do we have? We have Ruben Vinagre and it would be great to have a central defender with this potential. Seeing how good...
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