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  1. wallace

    Matchday live and commentry

    Can't get these in lincolnshire anymore. Previous seasons I was able to get these but doesn't load up anymore, it's frustrating in thus age if communication.
  2. wallace

    Nunos emotion

    it so hard after seeing Nunos reaction to the Raul injury to accept he is no longer part of our club. The awful injury sustained by Raul was a massive episode in his life and to a lesser extent those players that witnessed it. How Nuno and his staff and players got to remain focused on the...
  3. wallace


    Pogba made the same tackle yesterday as he did on Neves, he got away with it against us and almost did again until VAR corrected it, something they failed to do in our game which cost us as they went on to score. Ronaldo should also of gone when he assaulted Jones. Weak refereeing allowed this...
  4. wallace


    Nunos dream has now become Brunos dream but it seems our progress towards being a big player in the football circle has slowed to a trickle as most of the feel good factor dwindles away from the high expectancy we was feeling and reality kicks in. Maybe it's just the fact we are beginning a new...
  5. wallace

    Sweet FA

    Man u manager and one of his players accuse the referee of being influenced by outside comments, ultimately calling him a cheat when making judgements in their match against Chelsea and the FA dont feel it warranted a fine. Nuno made his comments on a referee and was fined just before they...
  6. wallace

    Sky Soccer saturday

    When asked about our lack of goals Merson said Jota was sold for a tea cup and then spending £35m on an untried kid, wow. when 'Arry was asked about the big spend he sniggered, said he could have a good guess why and also commented, who is his agent and smiled. Do we really think Nuno had a say...
  7. wallace

    Bully sponsored book

    Has anybody purchased the charity book through the Steve bull foundation scheme advertised today?
  8. wallace

    Weve crashed

    So often when clubs try to evolve their playing style into something more expansive things go backwards. The family atmosphere of the small squad gets broken up as some players move on and other players are brought in to compliment the new system, it takes time to make this work while the...
  9. wallace


    with all the youngsters coming into the squad I wonder if we are a club building a team to go for trophies or developing youngsters for the bigger teams. Surely the squad needs more experienced players in it rather than selling them at this stage of our development.
  10. wallace

    Spectatorless football

    it isn't much without us piling into the ground. Football isn't football as a TV sport without us. I know its the obvious thing to say but game after game, night after night and disappointment at the games flatness as players can't squeeze out that extra something that makes us go down the...
  11. wallace

    Sheffield united

    can't wait for Wednesday when we regroup, get back into shape and compete against a team of hardworking players Jota and jimenez have to be up top again with donk in the middle. Give traore his 30 minutes in the 2nd half then neto getting the last 10 mins to push them back. 2-1 to us and were...
  12. wallace

    Season 02/03

    Watching the season review on wolves site. What a good team we had in those days, unfortunately a lot were past their best when they came to us and we had to rely on a number of them in our first go in the premier. Watching ince, rea, Blake, Miller, ndah, sturridge, Kennedy, Irwin with Murray...
  13. wallace

    Matt maher

    Is Matt the most depressed football reporter ever? Talks and whinges on at length but take out the you knows and his comments are very short.
  14. wallace


    Among all the bull**** on sky last night I think we should acknowledge the goal Neves scored as a world class finish, the sort of magic that makes you want to watch this sport. He put in a hard working display and lit the stadium and match with a finish of awesome skill, even VAR couldn't spoil it.
  15. wallace

    Membership card

    Wondered if anyone has received their card yet as the information I had said they would be delivered by mid July.
  16. wallace


    Paul merson thinks Nuno could be managing one of the proper teams. Thanks Paul.
  17. wallace


    The big question now is who I'll be playing against Warnocks bruises. Patricio Bennett Coady Boly Doherty Saiss Mourtino or dendonker Neves Vinny Jota Jimenez Extra midfielder in and players with a bit of physicality.
  18. wallace

    Finishing position

    Looking at the present premier standing to see where our points have come from and realised the 10 teams above we have taken 3pts, the 9 teams below has realised 12pts. so potentially 11th could be a realistic finishing position based on results unless we can get a consistent goalscorer to...
  19. wallace

    Sunday supplement

    The journalists lowered there views to the championship and the chat was about warnock and bruce with comments about the best footballing team in the division being fulham while deciding who would finish 2nd. Brum going down was mentioned and the fact they are an average sized club in a big...
  20. wallace


    Happy new year fellow Wolves. To give us the final push could Nuno prove his super status by getting the club to reintroduce our tune. Would love to hear all of Molineux rocking to the sound again as 30000 of us cheer our team to the championship title.
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