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  1. Dan G WWFC

    Manchester City Cleared?

  2. Dan G WWFC

    Jackett and Gray

    Dead to me. Nothing can can be said. Come on City and come on 7th.
  3. Dan G WWFC

    Dongda He

    Dongda He realises Premier League dream as Wolves sign teenager New signing apparently
  4. Dan G WWFC

    Matt Damon

    After this interview: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/video/matt-damon-harvey-weinstein-sexual-harassment-confidentiality-agreements-51796050 A massive backless has been sparked on social media. But I can't see what he's said is wrong? Thoughts people??
  5. Dan G WWFC


    Could a move be back on for him in the summer? We was willing to splash 3m on the guy before he failed a medical and ended up being out injured with a broken foot. I'm sure Mendes will be looking to move him on.
  6. Dan G WWFC

    Midfielders for next season

    I think many would agree that the midfield is an area we need to improve. We have a lot of below average to average players that can have spells of decent games but fail to deliver throughout the season and become a main part of the team. Well apart from Edwards what, even the biggest fan would...
  7. Dan G WWFC

    Local Black Football Coaches

    I know this might sound a bit odd. But is anybody on here a black football coach in the Cannock/Wolvermapton/Walsall etc area or know anybody that fits the criteria? I need to do a couple of interviews with a couple of black coaches for an assignment. It's only for 5 minutes. The data will be...
  8. Dan G WWFC

    Team V Leeds

    I hope that Batth will be back from illness. I'd go for something different. ---------------Ikeme ------Iorfa Batth Hause Byrne----- Price------------ Helan --------Coady----Saville------------- ---------------Edwards ----------------Mason High line, get in there face. Use our pace...
  9. Dan G WWFC

    Team for Derby?

    No WIlliamson. Hause back and Helan signed.
  10. Dan G WWFC

    Henri Bedimo

    http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2016/01/12/report-wolves-interested-in-henri-bedimo/?utm_medium=share%20service&utm_campaign=social%20media&utm_source=twitter&utm_content=HITCdeadlineday Getting on a bit, but he was one of the best defenders in France a few years ago. Wolverhampton Wanderers...
  11. Dan G WWFC

    Replace 3 players in January?

    Out of our current starting 11, I'm not talking back up for the squad. Which 3 players would you replace and why, bonus points for realistic replacements?
  12. Dan G WWFC

    Gary Gardner

    His apparently available. I would welcome him with open arms
  13. Dan G WWFC

    "Wolves DNA "

    What is it currently? What should it be in your opinion? How should we play, recruit, act as a club.
  14. Dan G WWFC

    Stick or twist

    Sack him now and get a new manager in which may end up going again because of new owners. Who can we get in our position.
  15. Dan G WWFC

    Possible Transfers??

    As we will probably have little funds in January but need a few players, with Quality and Experience to push us on this season and the next. Who could we go for? Jordi Gomez? Number 10 with a great left foot. Not the fastest or the hardest worker but got that bit of creativity and ability...
  16. Dan G WWFC

    Boxing @ WV1 Bar

    Anybody Going tonight? I think you needed to order tickets. Should be a good laugh.
  17. Dan G WWFC

    Team for Norwich

    Stick with the 442 and meet fire with fire or put Edwards back in?
  18. Dan G WWFC

    minimum requirements in January

    It's been a slow day and I'm a bored out of my head so. Who do we NEED to sign in January, minimum. I'll start it off with Graham, Pacey striker and attacking midfielder. Anything less and I'm going to be annoyed and angry!
  19. Dan G WWFC

    Jackie McNamara!

    Get him in! He's really a young and upcoming manager with already 150 plus games under his belt, trusts and uses youth players, something we are trying to achieve. Likes to play with the ball on the ground at speed and us players with ability. Him and Rowett are the best up and coming...
  20. Dan G WWFC

    Centre Back Partnership

    Who should play there for us? For me defence is about picking player with the least amount of weakness then picking player for their strengths. Look t Derby's defence, 4 players all fairly paced, not super strong or that tall, can have the ball at there feet and they have the best defence...
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