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  1. Brixton Wanderer

    Team v City

    What we thinking? I think I’d switch to a back 4 against Norwich but would just tweak todays starting 11 for Wednesday. Sa Boly - Coady - Toti Jonny - Moutinho - Neves - Dendoncker - RAN Neto - Raul
  2. Brixton Wanderer


    What a talent we have on our hands.
  3. Brixton Wanderer

    Black Socks

    Anyone know why we’re not wearing the official socks?
  4. Brixton Wanderer

    A fan theory

    Just stumbled across this thread on Twitter. One for the conspiracy theorists or more to it? Not sure there’s much to it myself, but points are there to be discussed!
  5. Brixton Wanderer

    Summer 2021 Pre-season

    I’m wondering if we’ll dedicate this summer to working on playing with a back four? If we do, this will obviously dictate what we do in the market. I also wonder if this transition is something we could see us properly start at the end of this season if all we have to play for is a mid-table...
  6. Brixton Wanderer

    Julio Figueroa

    I’m currently listening to The Molineux View podcast, and Tim Speirs speaks about the work that J. Figueroa does with the squad and Nuno from a phycological aspect. The conversation is triggered by the scenes at full time against Southampton on the weekend. This starts around the 14min mark for...
  7. Brixton Wanderer

    Next Six League Games

    Arsenal (H) Leicester (H) Southampton (A) Leeds (H) Newcastle (A) Villa (A) I fancy us to start picking up some points over this next set of fixtures, and we all know we need to. I think with Jose on board and Neves returning we’ll see a change in our fortunes. I said on another thread I’d go...
  8. Brixton Wanderer

    Team VS Arsenal

    Back 4 or a back 5? Which CM pairing?
  9. Brixton Wanderer


    Good to see he’s been in the boozer having his leg seen to. Hopefully back soon. The squad’s gonna look a lot more balanced in the coming weeks.
  10. Brixton Wanderer

    Could Nuno Convert Semedo?

    I’ve seen a few on here and elsewhere suggest trying Semedo in a more midfield/advanced position, and thinking on it I wouldn’t be dead against trying it if we continue with a back 4. We’ve not got anyone who will/can carry the ball through the middle of the field, and I think this could be a...
  11. Brixton Wanderer

    Carl Ikeme Book Raffle

    Hello ladies and gents, I just wanted to drop this link on here for a raffle we’ve set up to try and raise some money for Compton Hospice. The winner gets a copy of Carl’s new book, which he has kindly offered to sign personally to whoever wins. Thanks in advance for anyone that gets involved...
  12. Brixton Wanderer

    Tyre Mark Wolves Shirt (L) - Wanted!

    If there is anybody selling the tyre-mark Goodyear shirt in a large, I have good money ready. I’d also be willing to trade my medium. Thanks in advance...
  13. Brixton Wanderer

    Morning, all!

    After reading the forum on a daily basis for years and years, I’ve finally decided to get stuck in. Fun facts... My Mom (R.I.P) used to give Bully’s son swimming lessons, and Lee Naylor rang me ****ed up when on a one-off night out with my uncle after that semi-final goal. Can’t wait for...
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