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  1. MrwulfAndrew

    North Bank - Guy Hurt During Warm-up

    I know it is probably a long shot but does anybody know how the bloke is who took a shot in the face during the warm-up. His face looked in a bad way and we didnt see him for the rest of the game.
  2. MrwulfAndrew

    British Premier League

    Here we go again https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/14723904/rangers-celtic-british-super-league-premier-league/
  3. MrwulfAndrew

    Leaders, bottle & character

    One of the most worrying things about today was that we seemed to lack the character needed for the battle. These kind of games require fight and we will need to see some guts during the relegation battle that we are now in. Who is going to stand up and show this? We have our captain who just...
  4. MrwulfAndrew

    Wolves F.C Signed Memorabilia on Twitter

    I know it's obviously not affiliated with or run by the club but does anybody know if their stuff is legit?
  5. MrwulfAndrew

    Blues retire the number 22 shirt

    https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/birmingham-city-retire-number-22-18650110.amp?__twitter_impression=true Amazing
  6. MrwulfAndrew

    Championship Manager 01/02 with March 2020 Update

    Did any of you waste a fair few years of your life playing Championship Manager 01/02? If you did and you want to dedicate some more time to that cause then you can play it with updated teams now and it's all for free. You can now install the game for free - CM 01/02 - Free Download | FM Scout...
  7. MrwulfAndrew

    The season is not over.

    The season is in danger of fizzling out and the defence against this seems to be to remark about how we are 8th, made a semi-final and have signed a £32m striker. Now we have had a decent season but there are 5 games to go. We need to focus and get some intensity back because we are in danger...
  8. MrwulfAndrew

    Coady Backup?

    Was thinking earlier what would we do if Coady gets injured/suspended? There doesnt seem to be an obvious natural replacement. Any ideas?
  9. MrwulfAndrew


    Only a matter of time before hes sacked. Id just like to be the first to say to them that Nuno is not available!
  10. MrwulfAndrew

    Alex Neil

    "We get two goals and then we huff and puff and try and search for that third but it's probably a frustrating a day I've had this season because of some of the decisions in the game. I think we can control some of them but equally the referee has got a duty to deal with others." Oh he's...
  11. MrwulfAndrew

    The 1st £1 billion Footballer?

    http://www.skysports.com/football/news/12691/10971192/neymar-agrees-five-year-paris-saint-germain-deal-ahead-of-world-record-450m-transfer-from-barcelona When do you reckon it will happen? Next year? Within 2 years? Within 5?
  12. MrwulfAndrew

    Match Fitness

    This is not a moaning thread. Just curious how long its going to take to get the squads match fitness up? Get the impression that some havent had a pre season at all. As frustrating as today was we need to be patient whilst the new guys get sharp and adapt to the english game. I know we are a...
  13. MrwulfAndrew

    First Man

    Why do we struggle so bad to get the ball past the first man from a corner or free kick? It happens so many times. Surely this is a pretty basic thing and something that a professional footballer has the ability to achieve! Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  14. MrwulfAndrew

    Central Midfield

    I cant get past the fact that no matter who we put their we dont have anybody capable of picking the ball up, bursting through the middle and having a shot on goal. There is no drive in that area. Mcdonald, Coady & Price dont get into the final third enough. We need an attacking midfielder who...
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