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    Would anyone like to talk about about Molineux on TV?

    It would probably have been better if the TV company had contacted Wolves directly and asked if the club historian would be willing to take part or reached out to some of the Wolves-supporting media faces who might be at the game (Johnny Philips, Jacqui Oatley, etc). It would be interesting to...
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    Season Ticket Prices /Relocation/New STs

    You make a very valid point. If the entire thinking at the club is based on the messaging that legacy fans aren't that important and "we are a corporate brand", then why do they believe that they can consistently ask "legacy fans" to fork out ever greater sums to watch continually poor...
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    New Shirt Sponsor/Reveal

    The main sponsor is such a massive improvement that I can at least contemplate buying a replica shirt again, but that sleeve sponsor just looks utterly naff, so I'll probably end up sticking with the Adidas W88 one as my newest, certainly at the prices they are charging at the start.
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    Season 2021/22 Premier League Payments

    There's also the cost of missing out of playing in Europe next season. In our season in the Europa League we earned around 22 million just from prize winnings from UEFA, let alone the additional ticket revenue and no doubt greater commercial revenues from the added exposure the club received...
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    Staying @ Wolves - Traore or Trincao or Barca / Sporting Swap Deals??

    The loan will simply have been the standard transfer window to transfer window type, so he is Barcelona's to do with as they wish until the next transfer window opens (on 1 June I believe). He could have theoretically got a bad injury in his very first training session and been ruled out for...
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    Rumours from the pub

    It would surely all depend upon the quality of those 10 new players. If they were the same quality as Neves, Jota, et al, then yes we would improve, and dramatically so. If they are 10 new Hwangs, Trincaos and Silvas, we will probably finish rock bottom. I don't expect we will be recruiting 10...
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    Rumours from the pub

    Wolves changed their head coach and recruited 10 new first team players in summer 2017. We went from 15th to 1st.
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    Pre Season Summer 2022 (Not USA)

    Playing a friendly once a year in one city won't do much to increase the popularity of the club though, particularly if the main draw of the game is the opponent and not us. It's having a successful club that wins things or at least competes for things that attracts fans with no connection to...
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    Comparative results table 2021/22

    Wolves' comparative performance for 2021/22: 6 points up on last season (51 pts vs 45) Points comparison: +23 Brentford (compared to Sheffield Utd), Liverpool +9 Tottenham +8 Arsenal +7 Brighton, Chelsea, Manchester City +6 Wolves +4 Crystal Palace, Newcastle -3 Southampton, Watford (compared...
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    Staying @ Wolves - Traore or Trincao or Barca / Sporting Swap Deals??

    Whatever fun and games people imagine on the Mendes carousel, there surely can be no motivation for Barcelona to buy him. They only took him on a no risk, no fee basis to add another easy option to their squad for the run-in. Even had he ripped the league up, I seriously doubt they would have...
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    POLL - Bruno Lage: Stick or Twist

    Like any question about a manager's future, it's really about the faith you have that the club will recruit an upgrade. And I don't have all that much confidence in Shi doing so, particularly as I expect the salary on offer won't be competitive enough to interest many of the better options...
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    They've had a very good run for the minimal resources they have invested. The disappointment of their relegation for me is we had the chance to get some big names out of the league in their place and to thereby consolidate our status in the division. Leeds were insanely lucky to survive, given...
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    Very poor finale on the homestraight which raises huge questions about where the club is going and whether the necessary competence is present. Certainly the expense of a change of coach and backroom team, with the background of 13th and a distinct lack of attacking play apparently being...
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    Bruno Lage

    Unless we pull off a miracle on Sunday it will be 8 points from 30 and I wonder when we last had such a poor final 10 games in a season? Even when we went down in our clown car with Deano & Morgan at the wheel we must have picked up far more points in the final weeks. It must be the Connor...
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    Comparative results table 2021/22

    Wolves' comparative performance to date (after 37 games): 6 points up on last season (51 pts vs 45 pts from the same fixtures last season) Comparative results table: Manchester City (93; CL qualification) Liverpool (92; CL) Chelsea (71; CL) Tottenham (71; CL) Arsenal (66; EL) Manchester Utd...
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    Hoddle and McCarthy were both national team managers too.
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    Marcal dropping truth bombs

    "The season could certainly have gone better. I think we have a very good squad, which could easily have already qualified for Europe, but I think the club's strategy in the middle of the season of putting slightly younger players in to be able to also sell them ended up shaping our performances...
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    Rumours from the pub

    Lazio haven't paid over 20 million pounds for a player in about 20 years, and I doubt they will be doing so for Dendoncker! Maybe they've gone all nostalgic and offered 20 million lira and a few boxes of matches.
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    Pre Season Summer 2022 (Not USA)

    Surely we should play in at least one pre-season tournament in Portugal one year? At least we must be known to a sizeable percentage of the population there. If Wolves really want to market the club there they should bring in at least one talented US player for the first team, not believe that...
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    Morgan Gibbs-White

    I might be way off, but I have a feeling that Forest would "do a Fulham" if they came up and start bringing in as many random names from the continent, especially Greece, as time allows. I'm not sure Cooper would be leading the decisions there. I expect we will end up having to watch our two...
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