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  1. Newbridge Wolf

    Herr Klopp - Manager of the Season

    A hearty congratulations I’m sure.
  2. Newbridge Wolf

    Marcal dropping truth bombs

    Wow! Not going to disagree with him, but surprised to see a player actually coming out with it.
  3. Newbridge Wolf

    Season Ticket Prices /Relocation/New STs

    £590 for South Bank. Expected worse in fairness. Go on the ticket website and renewals to find out.
  4. Newbridge Wolf

    West Midlands Filth

    Caught on camera. And apparently it’s the fans causing trouble :rolleyes: Out and out worst police force in the country. Not fit for purpose.
  5. Newbridge Wolf

    Controlling Territory

    I’m not really one to get bogged down into the over-analysis of games that goes on these days, but just looking at these maps and I’m finding them quite fascinating Even when we were doing well under Nuno, one of the biggest frustrations I’ve found watching us in recent years is how we fail...
  6. Newbridge Wolf

    Another Scumbag Footballer

    Video doing the rounds tonight of Kurt Zouma kicking and hitting a cat. Not got a good reaction on West Ham forum, they all want him out for it, fair play to them. Yet another entitled scumbag footballer :mad:
  7. Newbridge Wolf

    Oskar Buur

    Shame, but not a surprise. Did rate him to be honest.
  8. Newbridge Wolf

    Frank Lampard’s Everton

    Interesting if it happens. Thought he was quite hard done by at Chelsea, but can’t help by feel he’s walking into the fire going into Everton. It’s a big rebuild job there, and their fans aren’t renowned for their patience.
  9. Newbridge Wolf

    Feb/March TV Fixtures

    West Ham doesn’t really bother me, annoying re: Leeds.
  10. Newbridge Wolf

    West Ham United (a) - Ticket Info

  11. Newbridge Wolf

    Tottenham Hotspur (a) - Ticket Info

  12. Newbridge Wolf

    Dodgy Scousers - Liverpool investigated

    Apparently there’s a 0.05% chance of getting a false positive. There’s a 0.000000000000003% chance of getting 10. Liverpool had 13 :oops:
  13. Newbridge Wolf

    Play the Kids (or not)

    Interesting article. I’ve always wondered whether the academy is really worth it when you compare investment to output. After all, it’s been a long, long time since the days of Murray, Lescott and Keane. We haven’t really produced anyone since who’s played at the top level. Mark Davies about the...
  14. Newbridge Wolf

    Brentford (a) - Ticket Details

    New ground :D Can't see there being many left for this one after AST's and Mr Miami.
  15. Newbridge Wolf

    Lowest Amount of Goals Scored since 1922!

    In a calendar year. That’s quite a statistic! :anguished:
  16. Newbridge Wolf

    AFTV - Did Troopz make Arsenal relevant

    Hahahahaha. Delusion knows no bounds. Even Arsenal fans hate them.
  17. Newbridge Wolf

    Matija Sarkic

    https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/birmingham-city-wolves-sarkic-transfers-21809708 Good read on Sarkic. Must be difficult for young keepers, third or fourth in line, waiting on a chance that’s unlikely to come. Seems he’s doing well at Blouse this year.
  18. Newbridge Wolf

    Top Flight Players Concerned About Their Welfare - Might Strike

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-10340797/The-PFA-say-SUPPORT-potential-strike-Premier-League-players.html Working two days a week is hardly storming a Japanese gun placement with only three bullets in your Tommy gun and taking one in the chest before going on to win the VC...
  19. Newbridge Wolf

    February - 2 fixtures moved

    https://www.wolves.co.uk/news/first-team/20211214-pair-of-february-fixture-changes-for-wolves/ Arsenal at home moved from Tuesday to the Thursday Spurs away moved from the Saturday to the Sunday
  20. Newbridge Wolf

    We are top of the league

    The vaccine league anyway
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