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  1. fev123

    Bruno Lage

    I've lost a bit of faith in him now tbh. His team selections are very random, he seems to stick to formations and tactics that dont seem to work and his substitutions are often poor. The real problem I have is that I dont think there is a single player in this squad who feels they have his...
  2. fev123

    Wolves u23 Vs WBA U23 - PL Cup Final 13/5/22

    Yep. Pretty embarrassing given the numbers some academy games get.
  3. fev123

    Season Ticket Prices /Relocation/New STs

    The DD page threw me for a minute. The Next button is half way down on the left just black and white.
  4. fev123

    Wolves u23 Vs WBA U23 - PL Cup Final 13/5/22

    Hey mate. Do you mind me asking where you booked your parking space? Never been to the poorthorns before, is everyone going in colours or is it best to keep your head down?
  5. fev123

    Wolves u23 Vs WBA U23 - PL Cup Final 13/5/22

    Back at Mol next Tuesday for Norwich U23s. 4 games in a week!
  6. fev123

    Wolves u23 Vs WBA U23 - PL Cup Final 13/5/22

    Wanted to start a thread for this game as its a massive game for those that follow the u23. A big final for them and a further 1000 tickets for our fans have just gone on sale. Lets pack the place and make a statement. Beat them 4-0 at Telford earlier this season.......Lets go!!
  7. fev123

    So... Who's renewing?

    Fosun need to be very careful. The reason Man City are in the mess they are ticket wise is pricing their traditional fans out of coming so quickly and depending on a fickle fan base. They're given the best team in the world and those "johnny come lately" supporters produce neither atmosphere or...
  8. fev123


    This is a great point. We really struggle against big physical teams as we have nothing to combat those assets. When you come up against Dunk, Tarkowski, Mee, Guehi, Anderson you need either pace or strength to combat those assets. We're lacking both.
  9. fev123

    Please don’t sign Hwang

    I agree that Hwang was better in the first half yesterday than Fabio, yet one gets sympathy and the other dogs abuse (sorry). In reality all of our attackers are under-performing so we just need to cut out blaming Adama, Fabio, Hwang or whoever and address the root cause. Only problem is I'm not...
  10. fev123

    Brighton Verdict

    I agree with certain things said, many of the players clearly didn't play for the manager yesterday but no successful football team is ran by the players, they have to take responsibility for how poor that was collectively. We pay, and they earn a lot of money to play professional football and...
  11. fev123

    Thomas Frank

    Had to listen to Mikey Burrows for the 2nd half and that bloody woman in the background moaning, I mean we're all biased at the game but they are just deluded. As others have said a vile club who's relegation I'll be toasting.
  12. fev123

    U18 & U23 news and info...

    Exactly how are you supposed to know if the U23 fixtures are on or not these days? The twitter account for academy and info in general is absolutely woeful. End up driving an hour to Kiddi and finding its off.
  13. fev123

    Ref Watch -Southampton H

    The standard is so bad in general but this guy was something else. His first half performance especially is the worst I've seen at wolves for nearly 20 years (hi uriah). Who looks at these guys and goes "that's what we need to raise the standards". You know things are bad when var is digging you...
  14. fev123

    Ron Flowers RIP

    As supporters we should mark this, such a significant player deserves something permanent but would be nice if we laid some flowers? Maybe at the Mol or the shop, whats everyone think? Where's best?
  15. fev123

    Bruno Lage

    I think its great strategy and very well observed, we have several very talented players that are under performing and need to make the best of their talent. We're a team that has European ambitions and they as individuals need to be reminded that this is an opportunity for them to move their...
  16. fev123

    Bruce sacked

    Feel sorry for him tbh...Newcastle turn on nearly every manager they have, turned on Kenny Dalglish who won the league with 2 separate teams so he had no chance. There is a lot to be said for managers who steady the ship under an owner that wants to keep financially stable, its a tough job...
  17. fev123

    Peak6 Group LLC has taken a minority stake in Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

    PEAK6 seem to be associated with a practice called "options trading" so to all intents and purposes they are making an investment for a set period with a view to the asset they have acquired having a greater value when they sell it than when they acquired it. Basically they are buying a share of...
  18. fev123


    My favourite ever wolves player. Underrated in every way.
  19. fev123

    Hatred towards fellow fans

    We live in a ****ed up world where people just seem to hate or get all smug and sanctimonious. Dont know what happened to a polite silence for things that aren't your cup of tea. Also demonstrates the real issue with racism, people think racists are people who openly think and say one race is...
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