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  1. Lupo Italiano

    Radio WM football phone-in

    I listen to this every evening between 6 and 7 but not sure why, it infuriates me that the majority of calls are about Veeeeella A Wolves fan texted in the couple of weeks ago complaining about the Villa bias but they shot him down in flames claiming they put everyone on no matter who they...
  2. Lupo Italiano

    Dave Jones... no smoke without fire

    Was browsing the books in WH Smith in Halesowen yesterday and found Dave Jones's autobiography No Smoke Without Fire. Not sure if this has been out a while or if its fairly new but didn't know about it myself. Seemed to contain a lot of typical Jones paranoia and victim mentality though I...
  3. Lupo Italiano

    Spare ticket for Swansea on Saturday

    I bought 2 tickets for the Swansea game at the Liberty Stadium a few weeks ago but none of my usual lot can make it. Anyone want to take the ticket off my hands?
  4. Lupo Italiano

    Matchday Programme

    Anyone buy one the other day? I did seeing as its the first of the season (league games) and thought I would see what it was like after its revamp. I must admit its a much better read than it used to be, containing far more features and useful information. The quality too is much improved...
  5. Lupo Italiano

    Euro 2008: Who will you support?

    Guys I would be interested in seeing the sort of split that we have on here, no messing around, but seriously, who you will be supporting at Euro 2008 in the absence of any of the home nations. We have been discussing it on my Italian football site as yesterday The Sun (surprise surprise) ran...
  6. Lupo Italiano

    Martin Scorsese's Sesame Street

    This is absolutely hilarious! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiKBoLXg5Cw&eurl= :D :D :D :D
  7. Lupo Italiano

    Wolves at Piccadilly Circus!

    I went to London last Wednesday to meet some Italian mates to watch the Italy-Scotland game in an Italian bar. Before I met up with them I did some sightseeing and was impressed to see this at the world famous Piccadilly Circus corner: Also went to see the New Wembley:
  8. Lupo Italiano

    Saints fans on Wolves fans

    Saints Forum :cool:
  9. Lupo Italiano

    Who's that girl?

    Coming out of the game today there were the usual meatheads stood outside The Wanderer withpints in hands looking for anyone who so much as looked at them sideways. At the front was a woman, probably 30ish, pint of Stella in one hand and scowling. A man was walking through the crowd with his...
  10. Lupo Italiano

    Early Bird and Wolves Mastercard

    I am probably guilty of not reading all the bumpf in Jez' annual begging letter but here goes... Last year I took up the offer of the Wolves Mastercard to buy my Early Bird as the 6 month free credit offer was a useful way of spreading the cost without taking a big hit in the current account...
  11. Lupo Italiano

    Sheffield Wednesday fans on Big Mick

    Seems he got under their skin a bit yesterday: Owls Forum :D And this from another thread: and :D
  12. Lupo Italiano

    Robbie Keane

    Just scored a blinder for Spurs against Fulham in the FA Cup. Absolutely fantastic finish!
  13. Lupo Italiano

    Oh what an atmosphere!!

    Much has been said just lately about the atmosphere (or lack of) at the Molineux just lately. Just been sent this video of fans of my local team in Italy, Salernitana, thought I would share it with you: Salernitana Imagine that at the Mol!!
  14. Lupo Italiano

    The Anglo Italian Cup - bring it back?

    This is a post I have made on Space Wolf's Calcio UK Forum, thought I would share it with you on here to see what your opinions are: "I think it would be great if this tournament was resurrected once again. As a fan of a Championship side, I would love to see some Italian teams coming to...
  15. Lupo Italiano

    Ian Pearce in the Sunday Mirror

    Mentions us twice in his column this week. Firstly: "Why is there so much controversy over Graeme Souness and Wolves? I'm delighted someone with passion for the English game is making a move for one of its prime assets. Wolves have a set-up screaming to be in the Premiership. As soon as Sir...
  16. Lupo Italiano

    What a difference a year makes!

    This time last year we were in the midsts of one of the most tedious periods in Wolves' great history, aka The Hoddle Era! The football was dull in the extreme, we had a squad of overpaid, uderachieving mercenaries. And Darren Anderton was on board too!! Many of us were hoping Hoddle would...
  17. Lupo Italiano

    Yesterday's attendance

    During the radio commentary yesterday, they said that the atmosphere was good but the attendance appeared to be 'below the 20,000 barrier', suggesting that the crowd seemed to be of a similar number to the average home game. The attendance was actually 14,524. I was thinking that this...
  18. Lupo Italiano


    Bit out of touch I'm afraid. Is our fairy like frontman in with a chance of appearing this afternoon or is he still nursing his torn eyelash? I can't face another afternoon of watching Clarke lumbering around up front!
  19. Lupo Italiano

    Billy Sharp linked with Albion

    Seen today in BBC Sport's Gossip Column: "West Brom are preparing a £1.75m bid for S****horpe striker Billy Sharp and could let Nathan Ellington return to Wigan to fund the move. (Daily Mail)"
  20. Lupo Italiano

    Michael McIndoe to start feature tomorrow?

    In tonight's paper he is speaking about his move to Wolves and 'couldn't hide his delight'. He's looking forward to the opportunity we have given him and could be in contention for a debut tomorrow night. He says he is ambitious and hoping to catch Walter Smith's eye. Sounds like an...
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