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    Rumours from the pub

    I think i know the Molineux crowd pretty well, but the booing of Jota left me absolutely stunned. After all the moments he gave us......
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    one wish for next season

    Stairway to heaven makes a comeback.
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    Yes it looked nice at the start but loads of marks on it at the end - just wondered if that was normal.
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    I don't normally study the pitch when I'm watching wolves (although it might have been more interesting last season) but , was the grass cutting up a bit or does it normally look like that after the game? Seemed to be loads of 'marks' everywhere. Apologies if this is a really stupid question
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    Season Ticket Prices /Relocation/New STs

    Just sucked it up and renewed. looking forward to the struggle, I mean season, ahead. Was hoping for some positive transfer news before making final decision but obviously didn't get that luxury in the end.
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    Fosun out?

    One of my favourite sayings is "If you're not confused, you don't understand" So, like many things, it's not simple - yes, it was a grim watch at Molineux this season, but we comfortably survived another year in the premier league which is what most of us dreamt of for about 20 years. We have...
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    Today’s games - 2021-22

    I might have to drive to derby for some relative safety.
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    Today’s games - 2021-22

    I'm in NG9 - just had to shut the windows - could be a long night.
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    Bruno Lage

    If we have a 35M player on the bench who doesnt even get on the pitch then someone needs sacking for not playing him or someone needs sacking for signing him.
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    Bruno Lage

    He went ballistic at RAN second half for misplacing a through ball. I thought to myself- I would expect our manager to be operating at a slightly higher level than simply shouting at players like an angry bloke down the pub.
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    Verdict Season: 21/22.

    The pies at molineux are excellent. 130 mile round trip to see no goals and hwang running around like a headless chicken - not so much.
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    Neves x 200

    So was that 'peak' wolves then? Feel like I've just got back from a great holiday, it's raining and I've got work tomorrow.
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    Please don’t sign Hwang

    He's ok until he gets the ball
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    Liverpool v Wolves comms thread.

    Pleased we're giving them a game but frustrated with donks miss and sa for the goal. Shame about Neto, looked like the old version was back.
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    Liverpool v Wolves comms thread.

    We're not losing yet.
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    Something has to change

    The away fans have had a few 'limbs' moments but molineux has been dismal all season. Even when we won we were usually hanging on by a thread at the end. And to put the top hat on it there was the Leeds experience, which still haunts me. It's funny when you look how Everton's relegation battle...
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    Something has to change

    And there lies the paradox; it's actually been a good season, but it doesn't 'feel' like it's been a good season.
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    Verdict Thread (For what it's worth)

    Saw a little incident second half which smacked of 'disharmony': Bruno shouting instructions to Raul and getting a very dismissive gesture back in return. Just how I saw it from BWU anyway.
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    Bruno Lage

    There is no understanding between the players - they're all just watching to see what happens on the rare occasions we go forward. It's like a bunch of strangers, yet they train together every day. It's bizarre. You get absolutely no sense that there is anything remotely resembling a game plan.
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    Verdict Thread (For what it's worth)

    Couldn't be bothered celebrating the equaliser - didn't want to spill my tea. Season ticket renewal decision 50/50 at best - never thought I could end up feeling so bored watching wolves. I remember before this season started my son showing me some clips of Benfica playing brunoball "wow" I...
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