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  1. fev123

    Wolves u23 Vs WBA U23 - PL Cup Final 13/5/22

    Wanted to start a thread for this game as its a massive game for those that follow the u23. A big final for them and a further 1000 tickets for our fans have just gone on sale. Lets pack the place and make a statement. Beat them 4-0 at Telford earlier this season.......Lets go!!
  2. fev123

    Can i walk into the club shop today and buy replica kit?

    can't believe how hard it is to find this out. Social media and Web seems to care more about fans in Beijing and nobody answers the phone. Cheers for help anyone.
  3. fev123

    Nuno's Contract

    Just wanted to start a conversation regarding Nuno's deal as I couldn't find a recent thread. Do we see that as a formality or could there be temptation for him elsewhere. Personally I'd be much happier if we got him on a long term deal that showed both our commitment to him and was an...
  4. fev123

    Did Wolves deliberately avoid season ticket target?

    Just an observation. We've never had season tickets (Me and 2 kids) but attend most games anyway so I've always been tempted. With the new prices and offer I was more convinced than ever to take the plunge so sat down about a month ago to look for seats. My kids are 9 and 13 and love to...
  5. fev123

    Why this season has been a disaster

    My thoughts in general..... 1. Chinese Arrogance. To think it's so easy as to walk into a club and change everything wholesale and expect magical results. I do think if everybody involved was pulling in the same direction that may work but in our case there were many factions who barely knew...
  6. fev123

    Favourite Zenga Sayings

    Try to brighten our mood a bit. I love WZs grasp of the English language (we should never be laying out de red carpet for de opponents). Anybody got any favourite Zenga-isms, mine is "special things".
  7. fev123

    Huddersfield were clever today...

    Huddersfield demonstrated today how a club being clever off the pitch can influence the results on it. Firstly halving our ticket allocation and whacking their noisiest drum bearing supporters next to us instead. Then secondly doing a deal with a local paper to give away vouchers for £10 tickets...
  8. fev123

    Flag Printing?

    Wanted to get a flag printed for Saturday.......anybody know where you can get it done quick and cheap? best I've been quoted so far is £47.50
  9. fev123

    Williamson - Any updates

    Sorry if its posted elsewhere (I tried searching), does anybody know whats wrong with Williamson and what his expected return date is? I know some guys on here keep well up to date with such things, worth a sticky on current injuries and expected return dates?
  10. fev123

    "Spotted at the train station" XI

    I'm a bit fed up with constantly refreshing my searches so to pass the time I've tried to make a team out of bull$$$$ rumours: 1. Nick Pope 2. Joel Ekstrand 3. Rico Henry 4. Papa Gueye 5. Pedro Pacheco (18 caps for Canada) 6. Pele 7. Adnan Januzaj 8. Van Der Vaart 9. Anderson Tallisca...
  11. fev123

    Feeling Quite Positive

    Personally I'm starting to feel quite excited about Saturday. Really liked everything WZ had to say yesterday, we've potentially got a decent starting 11 even if we sign nobody between now and then. Is Mason going to be fit as that's the only question mark for me in terms of Saturday, the...
  12. fev123

    Luis Muriel

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but has anyone seen any further info on Luis Muriel? Of all the players we've been linked with he's the one that looks the most exciting to me based on Youtube footage/Wikipedia.......Thoughts?
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