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  1. Neves wolf

    Leeds v Wolves comms thread.

    According to the sky app and the wolves app gibs white is playing in defence. Surely that's not right.
  2. Neves wolf

    Forum Issues?

    I'm getting the same message that I can't get on. I'm using Samsung Internet. Tried clearing the cache but didn't work. Having to use Firefox to get on.
  3. Neves wolf

    Derby takeover about to collapse

    Rooney has now quit as boss
  4. Neves wolf

    New fixtures - first and last

    I think the league restarts on boxing day after the world Cup.
  5. Neves wolf

    one wish for next season

    Scoring more goals
  6. Neves wolf

    New fixtures - first and last

    Arsenal away Nottingham Forest home
  7. Neves wolf

    Villa Verdict

    Good result. Played well. Spot the mistake from sky though lol
  8. Neves wolf

    Mike Dean

    He's done a sky interview today. Apparently the rumour he is going into var next season is false media reports. He hasn't decided what he's doing next. So he is fully retiring.
  9. Neves wolf

    Mike Dean

    Unfortunately he's not retiring completely. He's moving into var full time.
  10. Neves wolf

    Weekend Prediction Game, Season 2021-2022

    Aston Villa ~Arsenal Middlesbrough 1~3 Chelsea Huddersfield 2~1 Bournemouth Stoke 2~1 Millwall Osasuna 1~1 Levante Inter Milan 2~0 Fiorentina Stuttgart 2~1 Augsburg Leicester 2~1* Brentford Tottenham 2~2 West Ham Crystal Palace 1~2 Everton Southampton 1~3* Man City Nottingham Forest 0~2...
  11. Neves wolf

    Leeds Verdict

    Absolutely fuming. Bad referring but Raul costus tonight. Shouldn't have given the ref that option.
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