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  1. Neves wolf

    Do wolves need to raise money for transfers?

    Personally think this is a load of rubbish, but I saw in the metro today that liverpool, Man City and Barcelona are after Traore as wolves are prepared to let him go with bids In access of 70 million, as Nuno has been told he needs to raise funds for transfers. I really can’t see it myself.
  2. Neves wolf

    Wolves club shop

    I’m trying to send them an email regarding getting some wolves curtains. I’ve gone on to the club shop and using the contact us section but every time I send a message I get a reply saying email no longer in use. I even tried using the link they provided in the email but still got the same...
  3. Neves wolf

    Fa cup kick off times

    Just noticed the kick off times for the fa cup as 12:31 15:01 and 17:31. Why the strange kick off times?
  4. Neves wolf

    Team of the decade

    On sky they gave done team of the decade and Matt Murray did ours. He chose Ikeme, Doherty, Stearman, Coady, Boly, Douglas, Henry, Moutinho, Neves, Jota, Jimenez. I don’t think I would have Henry or stearman in it. Think I would swap stearman for batth and Henry for Ebanks-Blake what do you...
  5. Neves wolf

    Jack Ross

    I see he’s been sacked as Sunderland manager. He’s only lost twice this season and in play offs. And only 4 points off the top 2. What was the board expecting. Him to go the whole season unbeaten?
  6. Neves wolf

    Crystal Palace

    just watching the highlights of the match with Sheffield Utd and noticed Crystal Palace have the same sponsor as us. Has this happened before where a company has sponsored more than one team. I can’t say I’ve noticed it before.
  7. Neves wolf

    Nuno's downfall?

    i don't mean this as in getting the sack or anything, as I think he's the best manager we've ever had in my lifetime, and hope he's here for many years to come. But just wondering with him preferring to work with a small squad, is it going to cost him achieving a top 7 finish. With a small...
  8. Neves wolf

    Clive swift

    Rip as he's passed away today. Loved him in keeping up appearances
  9. Neves wolf

    Local history

    Just wondered if anyone knows any history for the Aldridge area. Like any former hospitals that used to be around here or old grave yards. Is there anywhere I can go to find out thanks.
  10. Neves wolf


    It's amazing really when you think about it. If you include selling adobe we have only spent about 3 million improving the squad but with fantastic signings. I know we have spent 40 odd million in getting boly and jota and bonatini but I'm not counting them as they were already at the club.
  11. Neves wolf

    World Cup predictions

    Thought it would be a good idea to do a World Cup prediction thread How far do you think England will go Who do you think englands top goal scorer will be And who do you think will win it I think England will get to quarter final and Kane to be top scorer. Think Spain will win it
  12. Neves wolf

    Johnny Philips

    Don't know if this has been posted couldn't find it but thought this was a good read. Comparing us now to when we threw away that 11 point gap. Sky Sports' Johnny Phillips: Forget the collapse, it’s a whole Nu era
  13. Neves wolf


    I'm sat here reading this forum and my 3 year old says what you doing. I say reading the wolves forum. He then said up the wolves. Can't be more proud of him.
  14. Neves wolf


    Was wondering if anyone could help me. A friend of my wife's has put on fb this question Not a Wolves fan but I follow them with interest. Met a man who partnered Billy Wright. He was a full back & said he played with Billy for some time. He was proud of their achievements. I can't remember...
  15. Neves wolf


    Just saw his nasty head injury today. It looked liked a bad fall and had a lucky escape. Hope he has a full recovery.
  16. Neves wolf

    Membership number

    Hi I was just wondering if there is anyway I can find out my membership number is to purchase tickets as I've forgot what it is. Thanks
  17. Neves wolf


    I was just wondering if this is the most amount of players we have ever signed in 1 transfer window. What is the most we've signed in 1 window?
  18. Neves wolf


    On yesterday's e&s transfer rumours page it says zyro has put on Twitter big surprise coming soon. Is he coming back from injury sooner than expected?
  19. Neves wolf

    Cup run

    I wonder with new owners we might actually take the cups more seriously and go on a cup run. I can't remember the last one we went on.
  20. Neves wolf

    Question about the wolves squad

    I was thinking today if we are signing all these players they are not going to come in on the wages of the current staff I think you can say they will be on anything from 20k-40k maybe more. so if this be the case how will this make the current squad feel. Will they all go running demanding a...
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