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    thanks for that , is the full adress 8 , church street wellington , and is it very close to...

    thanks for that , is the full adress 8 , church street wellington , and is it very close to wellington railway station , thanks Grenville .
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    Disturbed sleep.

    Just a short note to thank the group of Wolves fans who woke the wife and i at 3,50 am this morning at our hotel on Brighton seafront with a rendition of Si senor , 2 nil up and 3-2 down and several more songs , still I was able to listen to the test match , cheers O.O.D.C.L
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    Nuno’s gone

    Shocked , bewildered, dissapointed , worried , feelings that wont go away , i would like to say thank you to a man who i would say first and foremost is a first class human being and a great football manager , our loss will be someone else,s gain , O,O,D.C.L .
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    Wolves vs Burnley. The verdict.

    I have said that on many occasions but today ranks with the worst , performance at Bristol City with Grant Holt playing springs to mind , there are obviously many others , but there is clearly something wrong , is the manager going and the players know that , why is Saiss playing on the right ...
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    Lose on Sunday and Nuno should be sacked

    Sometimes it is said a manager has lost the dressing room , after that I think he may have lost the fans !!!
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    Wolves-Albion verdict - Why are we so soft? Men against boys

    it allways feels worse the day after , and i can assure you the feeling dose,nt get any less nauseous as you get older for me it gets worse , i like many more fans have had plenty of experience of it , the only answer is to stick together keep you head up and take it on the chin, Nuno out ? for...
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    Tommy Docherty RIP

    easy , blagged my way past an uniformed steward, found my way into directors box , at kick off time , Roger Hipkiss got me a seat , and on it went , when i got back on the train all the lads wanted to know where i had been , those were the days !
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    Tommy Docherty RIP

    My memory of the Doc , April 85 , Wimbledon away , plough lane 1-1 Alan ainscow , found my way into the dressing room after the game , Docherty opened the kit basket and gave me the no,9 shirt , after I had been treated by Roger Hipkiss to a meal and as much beer that I could drink in the...
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    Fond memories of Christmas games.

    Boxing Day 1964 v Villa not for the result but the debut of Dave Wagstaffe .
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    2 defeats .

    2 poor performances , 2 deserved defeats , what is the worst that can happen ? We will finish 8,9 or even 10 in the Premier league , things we only could of dreamed of 3 years ago , Nuno and the players are giving us football the like of which we possibly have never seen , so please positive ...
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    RIP Pete Lewis (Goof)

    like many i knew Pete for many years , 50 at least, last saw him in Barcelona , i worked with him, went to the match with him and had many drinks with him, an eternal optimist , and a great friend , he will be sadly missed by many , i will have to wait until i can raise a glass to too "...
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