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  1. ewarwoowar

    Small time Jeff strikes again.....

    yes we have had enough false number 9`s down the years
  2. ewarwoowar

    Which Team do you Hate the most?

    each to their own but it has to be the stripeys!!! it`s a geographical thing,growing up in Coseley you were Wolves or a bandit,no choice and it runs in the family
  3. ewarwoowar

    Ruben Neves

    sorry but no,if he goes i want a big fee for him
  4. ewarwoowar

    Rumours from the pub

    the way it is going it is more like Rack and Ruin.....but keep the faith
  5. ewarwoowar

    Could be worse.......

    i was on holiday when all this was going on and of course did`nt have the technology back then and had to rely on hourly news bulletins.Anyway at 4pm we were still in jeopardy and not saved. I was literally like a cat on a hot tin roof for the next hour,you can imagine my delight when hearing...
  6. ewarwoowar

    Least exciting transfer

    i have already seen this name mentioned,but every time there is a thread on the worst player ever or now the least exciting transfer,in my eyes this player walks it.The one and only steve claridge,who never troubled the scorers and as i said at the time as a footballer he would make a good welder
  7. ewarwoowar

    Managers article on OS is a shambles

    100% agree,some people may think it is petty to pick up on things like this or spelling mistakes but shows the club as unprofessional. Clearly this has not been proof read and this could and should have been avoided. On a sidenote a couple of seasons ago i was in the club shop before the game...
  8. ewarwoowar

    New fixtures - first and last

    so long as we play each team twice i never care how the fixtures come out,it is what it is
  9. ewarwoowar

    one wish for next season

    well seeing as we have been told in no uncertain terms we cannot compete, then like all small time clubs 17th will do and keep taking the 100 million+ per year
  10. ewarwoowar

    Rumours from the pub

    when my lad did work experience the company he was with delivered to the poorthorns every day when they were building? the smethwick end,he always had his Wolves top on and spat on the pitch,very childish i know but had to be done and i upped his pocket money
  11. ewarwoowar

    Derby takeover about to collapse

    but rest assured he will only build one stand!!
  12. ewarwoowar

    New Shirt Sponsor/Reveal

    i have checked my calendar and it is not april 1st
  13. ewarwoowar


    100% agree,but i am sure it is so we learn from the mistakes as well.I do think we need a top football man on the staff somewhere
  14. ewarwoowar

    Another Scumbag Footballer

    should be sent to a vivisectionist
  15. ewarwoowar

    I Thank You.

    my dad took me down the Molineux when i was 7,i took my son down when he was 7 and then took the grand daughter when she was 7 and then the grandson when he was 7.Purely coincidental but 7 seems a common age,good job i am not a seventh son of a seventh son....ha ha
  16. ewarwoowar

    U18 & U23 news and info...

    well played the boys and richly deserved,they worked so hard and puts the icing on the cake of a really good season.salute the team and there is some talent coming through
  17. ewarwoowar

    U18 & U23 news and info...

    superb goal all round
  18. ewarwoowar

    The ‘Sustainability’ Paradox

    blimey we are snookered then
  19. ewarwoowar

    The ‘Sustainability’ Paradox

    but that is not what was said when we were promoted,we were aiming to win the premier league within 7 years,i now assume they meant dog years!!we were also touted to being one of the biggest teams in the world.i used to get told i was deluded when discussing this with other fans,but as i used to...
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